Sorry if answered already, how many years do the twins have

left to play?

One or two?

Two years Greg

Yep, freshman at Maryland, two years at Rhody (one of which is the COVID year), then two years here.

Bet on one year on the roster, based on their college journey so far and the fact they apparently declared for the draft(did not hire an agent).

I don’t think you get to declare for the draft and come back twice- but I could be wrong about that. More importantly, this looks like a couple of guys who want to find out what the pros see as minuses and then go let Muss coach them up for a year while playing on an extremely talented, high profile team.

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The twins are gonna have to get a lot better before the pros will sniff them IMO. Ten-point, 6-board guys are a dime a dozen.

I just watched the highlight tape on Makhi(?) in another thread. The way the pros love big guys they can develop, he’s not that far away from being draftable. He reminds me a little of freshman year Daniel Gafford.

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I love the twin’s athleticism and motor. We can run and run and run, and then bang and bang. This makes our team a much more complete group that provides wonderful choices and match ups. It’s going to be a fun ride.

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