Sorry if already posted, pretty funny!


Outstanding contribution! Thank you for bringing sports to the board. Easy to laugh at the absurdity presented here.


I love their stuff, spot on as always


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If it weren’t so sad and embarrassing that the SEC did this scheduling it would be hilarious.
Having said that, those guys did a great job of getting across to the SEC what all of us think, not that they care.


I would laugh but it hurts too much - nothing like the SEC front office Kicking a Hog when its down - well the satire is good becuase it has truth in it

Since rioting is all in Vogue maybe some Arkansas and Mizzou fans will burn the commishner’s car -

or better catch him on the way to or from the airport - sew him and his schedule maker up in Big BUCK deer suits (Add blaze orange streamers to the antlers) and drop them off outside of a Akansas or Mizzou deer camp - (Maybe this could be a good Hunger Games SEC Style :slight_smile:

Nothing likethe good ole Trial by Ordeal like they gave us - Karma

Now - our complaints mean nothing - just got to hope - Sam Pittman doesnt loose the team in all the beat downs

My I’m so tired of the Razorbacks showing upand a Luau being anounced

Please forgive my sic humor - Winning will fix everything

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That is hilarious–but right on the money. SEC should be ashamed.

Thanks for bringing that to us, Greg. You gotta laugh at something in this crazy world. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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First Covid now this…

Well, if you riot you can likely be excused from wearing masks and social distancing.

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