Sorry I don't know

the kids name but wild pitchers every where and he swings with 2 balls and no strikes for an infield easy out.

Jump on me all you want but I can’t believe Dave didn’t have him taking. Make that closer throw a strike.

I would have never moved a muscle… The young man from LR

It could be that the take was on but Gosser just decided to swing at a pitch he thought looked good.

Gosser, thank you Matt. I told the kids here that there is NO way that kid is swinging. Just into the game and the pitch count was wild pitches everywhere. I actually said I bet 100 bucks that kid will never move an inch. And yes I also bet the TAKE was on. Somebody care to count and the location of pitches to that point. No I didn’t play D-1 baseball but had FB and baseball offers from Ark. Tech. So I know a little about baseball. Played since I was old enough to throw a baseball. I just would have been taking all the way. Even without a DV call…New pitcher and wild as a goose…