Sorry guys

I did the best I could. I had a couple of friends texting me info.

Worked my rear end off to help our HI group. As stated by several and PM’s they liked my passion.

Actually I have liked Mike Norvell. But was talked into the Gus truck because of his experience.

IT MAY have appeared I was a Gus lover, NOT TRUE! I have said all along I could be wrong.

Actually as it relates to Gus "I don’t give a damn!

You can only give the info you are getting. I do think that there were some useful idiots with money and influence who allowed Jimmy Sexton to work his magic, even after the Bama win. Sometimes people hear what they want to hear, and believe what they want to believe.

Exactly. Thanks for the reply.

Actually I walked outside and had a thought. Something I should have put on my first post.

[color=#FF0000]SEXTON GOT US AGAIN![/color]

Thanks for the info, my friend! It is welcomed. You cannot help what the outcomes are!

Thanks for your effort!

Well those are kind words.

People sent me Pm’s saying I love your passion as I stated.

Now after my son has been texting me the last hour to ask what went wrong? Nick doesn’t like Gus because Of what I said years ago.

BTW, he reminded me that I ripped Gus years ago.

On another text he said “Pops we can’t keep in state recruits and coaches” LOL. I said I guess so son…

As much as I was against Gus, I appreciate you trying to bring some info to the board.

You can only relate what you hear, and what you think is a good source. I always thought it was crazy for Gus to consider to come, but I have no doubt some thought there was a chance. Appreciate you sharing the info coming your way.

Now, what are those sources telling yoU?

Thanks 339 but their is no need for apologies. You passed along the info as you received it.

The bus has crashed. Probably saved some folks a lot of money.

I think we will be fine.

After telling him I felt like a fool. Worked my butt because I love our Hogs.

Just trying to keep you guys informed. Actually every thing I stated was about what Mike Irwin was saying.

Now I know how the Men on HI feel and the job they do.

Asking the exact question you did Colorado the reply was.

I’m in the dark, for NOW. My guy took his plane and $$$$$ and left the “building”.

He said our !@#$@ interim AD got played by Sexton.

Stay tuned. Hang in there

Well I’ll give that some deep thought before passing anything on.

I’d say most Ad s, whoever is involved get played by Sexton…not just her

There were people supposedly in the know that swore he was coming. There were others close to Gus that said no he wasn’t.

I leaned more towards no even though I kept hearing from the people saying he was coming.

No apologies needed.

I thoroughly enjoyed your posts. Someone above used the word “passion”; very fitting. I’m a 339 fan. Praying for your health issues.

Thanks cleverhog! My health issues are real. But I have Faith. I bleed Red, it’s in my blood. My passion has never changed!

It’s like Clay doing what his faith wanted him to do. He’s a good man. A man off Faith. He doesn’t talk the talk, He walks the Walk.

I appreciate every comment and prayer I can get.

I will be extremely cautious on the current circus we have at the present moment. And posts going forward.

We’re going to make it. I have always said things happen for a reason. The Gus bus carries a man that thinks only about Gus.

Watch the next couple of years play out for Gus. IMO going from 4M to a 7 year 49M dollar deal is crazy. He never cared about Home… Only about Gus

You know, we can ramble on about whether we like or dislike Gus, but until we get us a coach who has the “IT” factor in recruiting Texas and Louisiana we are going to continue having the same ole problems of the past. The only reason I am on this board is the prompt info that Clay, Richard and Dudley bring. All else is just a waste of my time.

Good recruiting is the life blood of our program.

You know, we can ramble on and on about whether we like or dislike Gus, but until we find a coach who has that “it” factor in recruiting we are going to continue having the same ole problems of the past.

There is only one reason I come on this board, and that is to hear what Clay, Richard and Dudley have to say. Most else is simply a waste of my time.

Recruit 1st! And all else will fall into place.

I will preface this by saying that I never wanted Gus. I do think that he was out for himself.

That said, I really think the thing that swayed him to Auburn was winning. By all accounts, he is a fierce competitor. It seems that he has the pieces in place to win at Auburn. He has a fertile recruiting area there. It would take him a while to get the players he needs at Arkansas. Under these circumstances, I get why he would stay.

I didn’t ever believe Gus would come back to Arkansas. I think he’s always done what is best for his career, with no real thought to anything else. He did that again. I guess that’s what a lot of folks do, so I’m not blaming him.

It’s like I said last week when I think about fishing: you don’t leave fish to try to find fish.

Gus has players. He wasn’t going to leave good players and then try to find good players (at Arkansas). He knows he can find them at Auburn.

What I know now is that Gus is an Auburn man. He’s going to stay in Auburn, Ala., for the rest of his career. If he was going to ever coach at Arkansas, it was going to be now. That’s gone now.

I agree with you. Had he not beaten Georgia and Bama in consecutive weeks, he would have been our coach.

I also heard he called his friends in NW Arkansas after they lost to LSU and said he would be interested in our job. Of course at that time, he thought Auburn may turn him loose. He and Sexton played their cards right. He gets a raise to stay with a team that has a chance to win it all as early as next year.