Sorry for the slow updates today but

Richard, My wife and I love your Dog stories, I am 65 and my wife Debbie is 62, over the years we have had over 300 dogs spayed or neutered, and about 50 cats, we have gotten to the age where we can’t do as much rescue work, but we still help folks when we can, we have a huge place about a half mile from Lake Degray, we have about 30 dogs now and we don’t keep them in cages or 8x8 fences but we keep 3to4 in 1/2 acre lots fenced in with well built dog houses, If you are ever around this area I also have a spring feed fishing lake stocked with bass, crappie,blue gil brim, and cat fish.

God bless you and your wife. My wife and I are huge dog lovers.

I’m blessed to be able to work from home and be with Sam and Reuben during the day. Can’t imagine not being with the guys.

You guys are doing what I would love to do if we had the means to do so. I would love to buy some land out in the country and build a shelter for strays.

Thanks for the invite. I would love to stop by and see your place and animals.