Sorry been so Negative about an SEC road Win.

Our Oline was still not what it should be, but you can see steady improvement. They made some very good run blocks, and the pass blocking was fair. I don’t think Austin was sacked, but he was hit too much. He was tackled for a loss a time or two, but that was on run plays. Overall, our O was just great. Have to see that.

But I like to see solid defense and wow, neither team played any D. at all. I just don’t understand why our D is just so very, very bad. Not only are they slow, but they are so often out of position or go the wrong way or just stand there until the ball is past, then they jump on the ground where the ball use to be. And missed tackles, geeze.

Like I said, you have to be happy with and SEC road win, but to score 58 points and still be uncomfortable? How in the world does that happen?

I’m with you.

Thrilled for an SEC road win.

Offense looked really good.

But I can’t quite ignore our D continuing to struggle.

Thrilled for shot at 9 wins and will be great to build in right direction.

If we can fix the d next season this program wins titles.

Thrilled with the win, optimistic better d is on the way

All of us recognize we need some major fixes on defense. Last night’s was bad. No way around it. It’s just an area we need to address in the off-season. I’m not as convinced as many that Rob Smith is the problem, but obviously CBB needs to look at everything.

I’m with you. The defense is painful., but what an awesome offensive explosion and win.

Capps,Agim and the other young players are coming along with more playing time. Whatever is going on with Wise has moved him to 3rd down play only has been a major setback from what we were expecting from him. O-line made some holes and our RBs exploited thier D-line the first half and AA got them the second half. The bottom line is we can handle the bottom half of Sec west but not the top of the Sec west yet, a better D and pass protection would make us more competitive. We have a OC who can and will develope QBs as he’s is proving, CBB will get the RBs and O-line even though we struggled in that area this season he will get it fixed. We have some good areas and lots of work to do in others. WPS