Sorry, been down for a few days

Folks, I’ve been down for the last several days. The stomach bug got me. I haven’t been through anything like that in many years. I had heard it was going around Northwest Arkansas. I just figured I’m immune. I don’t generally get sick, outside of a sinus infection now and then. This got me good. Fevers and chills, the bad stuff that comes with stomach bug.

I’m three days into it and able to hold down food. Very weak.

Sorry to disappear like that, but I couldn’t hold my head up until today. Even today I’ve taken two naps and think I’ll squeeze in another one this afternoon.

I was going good until about noon on Tuesday and then it hit me. I tried to watch the basketball game on TV – in between trips to the bath room. I’m just now figuring out what happened on Wednesday. I really didn’t want to open my eyes for fear of the room going around and around.

I will say that it’s good to have a wonderful wife. I would have left me as sick as I was!

Praying you get to feeling better. Really miss your input on this board
Oh, I think the trout at Wild Cat Shoals are missing you too!
The wife and I will move up to Rainbow Landing Drive this coming October. Looking so forward to it!
Will be making a trip up again, in March.
Praying you get well soon!

The trout will wait. They can grow while I stay home. It looks like a cold front on the way. Just can’t handle the cold the way I feel right now.

When your sick, that cold weather can make you feel twice as bad.
Hoping that by the time you get back to fishing, the trout have grown a bunch. I certainly won’t be hurting them for awhile.

Glad you’re feeling better. Best wishes for continued recovery.

Take care of yourself Clay. That stuff is tough. We had 6 adults and 2 grandsons with that bug Thanksgiving 2 years ago. I was the only person who didn’t get it. We have 3 bathrooms. That was not enough. I’m glad I have a strong stomach. It was horrible for all.

Kudo’s on the excellent team you have put together. They always step to the plate to take care of things when you’re away. That is the trademark of a good leader - hire and train good people and let them do their jobs.

Hopefully CCM will follow your lead. I think he will.

Merry Christmas and have a blessed New Year.

We’ve got it here in north Louisiana, along with a LOT of the flu! I had the stomach bug late last week & was the first day in probably 15 years I’d missed work for sickness. Then one of my boys got it a few days ago. Really rough stuff. Felt like I’d been run over by a truck.

Glad to be feeling better!

Run over by a truck is the right description. I am trying to get up the strength to travel with Jean Ann to Cabot tomorrow. It’s the Ashcraft family Christmas. I do not want to miss it. It will be the first one without her dad. I usually do all the driving. I have to give up the controls tomorrow and that’s not easy for me to do. I know she can handle it, if I’ll just let her.

In South Florida as well. My wife picked it up at school and had it Sun-Tues, gave it to me Tues-today. I’m still not feeling great…

I’m getting better by the day. Yesterday was a long day of travel to and back from Cabot. Back home in Fayetteville. Jean Ann and I celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary today/tonight. We elected for a brought-in dinner tonight. Neither one of us have the energy to battle going out for dinner. I’ll be the good guy and go get it and set it up. Then, we’ll just retire to watch a movie piled up on a bunch of pillows. I doubt I make it through the movie. Sleep has been a good thing the last two days.

Happy Anniversary, Clay! Our household was struck by the dreaded stomach bug over the last ten days. My daughter brought it home from college, my wife got it three days later, and I finally succumbed this past Tuesday. I feel for you.

Guess I’ll be avoiding I-95 South this year…

I am nearly 100 percent. Still get tired. You don’t bounce back as fast at 63! We did have a great anniversary. Actually, stayed on the couch and watched Netflex … knocking out Hawaii50 in record fashion! Book em, Dano! I do feel well enough to crank up the smoker with a chicken, ribs and a pork tenderloin. Will see how I do in about an hour.

I am bouncing back now. Great Christmas. Smoker came through and the meal was great. Got some cool books including two classics written by Robert Traver (Trout Magic is the one started last night). Also a new fly rod to be picked out by me. I like to cast them first. So that may take time. Also got lots of warm base layers so santa was great to me.