Sooooooooo Michigan St

Conducted an internal review of their player involved in the FBI investigation. They found him innocent of all wrong doing. Consider me shocked :shock:

They sent their internal review to the NCAA and the NCAA accepted it. :o


FBI has already done investigation. But thanks for trying!


The Cats out of the bag! The Feds have the facts and once the dust clears so will their record and NCAA appearance. Izzo is a dirt bag along with the whole athletic department at Michigan State!

I don’t know of any player identified in this latest round of revelations who was actually held out this weekend. It appears that all the schools are going to roll the dice and assume that the NCAA cannot suspend everyone involved.

In Bama’s case they said Sexton had already “served” his punishment when he was held out of games earlier in hte year and that the Yahoo story was old news and why he was held out at that time. I am assuming that was the case for MS as well.

The reason I posted this was not whether Bridges was guilty or innocent, we know he’s guilty, everyone on that list is/was.

I posted it because Michigan State said he’s innocent and the NCAA took their word for it. Larry Nassar ring a bell with anyone?

I don’t think Michigan State has seen the last of the Bridges case. I don’t see how NCAA can say he is cleared without having the full FBI report. All they have now is a Yahoo leaked report.

I 100% agree. But they accepted Mich St’s innocence finding. Someone had asked on another thread, would the NCAA do anything? The answer is quite obviously, NO. Unless, enough people start to complain