Is Raymond Hawkins visiting this week or what?

Thanks and I will take my question off air.

Yes, No, Maybe, No clue.

Dudley said he spoke to the Findley Prep coaches last week and he still had plans to visit then.

This is just my personal opinion, I’m sure Dudley and RD will clear things up once they see this thread, but even if he does visit this week, him committing to Arkansas seems unlikely considering it appears he already has his decision made, since he’s setup a time and date. Now, maybe if he visits Arkansas and it just blows him away and he changes his mind, but I’m not banking on Hawkins, looks like Stith is the guy to lookout for.

This weekend I looked at possible up and comers that we could afford if we were to replace Mike. Oats, the Buffalo HC was on that list (One of Hawkins finalists), the coach at Buffalo prior to Oats, who brought him there: Bobby Hurley, now at ASU (Hawkins other finalist), so I think you’re correct, I dont think he’s coming here. I think there is a reason those two made his final three.

He might not end up at Arkansas, but he has had this date set for over a year.

It is March 30, the day his father was murdered when he was 7.

So that has nothing to do with the school and is something he has said since day one.

We will, of course, be checking in again with Raymond and his coaches this week.

I think with Shawn Stith visiting this weekend you have your answer.

He may have had this date set for a year, but it’s in five days and he hasn’t visited us (to my knowledge) he has visited the other two. So far, no one, yourself included has said he’s confirmed a date for the visit. Not a lot of kids commit without visiting. He might, but sure seems like those other two schools have more of his interest

Any bigs that are interested? 6’10 and above, believe Stith is 6’7-6’8

Failures in recruiting will cost him his job this time. He better find someone.