How many foot stress fractures or other foot related problems did we have this spring? :?:
(Please forgive me in advance as I haven’t had much spare time to read through the threads.)

Patton limped off, but looked like he rolled an ankle.

There was a post yesterday about a player seen in a boot ,but I spend far too much time on this board and haven’t heard the dreaded “foot fracture” mentioned since CCM arrived.

Maybe the curse is broken?


Have not had any broken bones this spring. Zero. Better conditioning maybe worked some magic. Patton has a tender ankle and has been in and out of a boot.

Brandon Martin was also in a boot

When you quit making guys do 400 pound 1 legged squats you are probably going to have less fractures.

If we can make it threw the next two practices and summer ball it would be what, thefirst time in 5 years we didn’t have at least 1 guy with a broken foot.

Clearly the weight coach didn’t know what he was doing.

I mean he had to take a step down and take a job at…Michigan. :shock:

Product on the field didn’t convince me of anything other than he makes for a good sweaty video.

I don’t think there was any question we were not physically developed or conditioned enough. Especially the last two years. It doesn’t surprise me he got a job at Michigan, he’s a big 10 guy who never learned how to develop the SEC way. Now he’s with one of if not the most over rated coaches in college football.