Soon happy for Storey

good kid who’s worked a long time, never complained, finally gets his chance and really shines!

Nice first game, much easier than CBMFP’s first game.

no TO’s, few penalties. As long as Drey is ok, I’d call this a great first game.

Sure we need to block better, rush the passer better, but for a first game, htat was our best one since HDN’s furst game.


I’m really hoping htat the offense looked so vanilla cuz they were intentioally holding stuff. certainly Clemson’s O under CCM was not like that. Let’s hope the coaches have more in the play book and Ty can execute it, if we are going to win 7 games, need to keep improving.

And if CCM is the coach that I believe he is, we will keep improving.

Nice first game, now bring on CSU!