Son says Hornsby to nebraska

Son say Hornsby has committed to Nebraska. I wish him well and good luck.

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I’ve seen him visiting. No commitment yet.

My friend in Omaha breathlessly texted me this morning that Hornsby was considering Nebraska. I’m completely meh. As long as it’s outside the SEC I do not care. At all.

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I saw an article about his visit. His “trainer” dissed Briles/Pittman pretty bad for not coaching him up. From what I saw Malik just didn’t have it. Hope he succeeds.

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Sour grapes make terrible whine.


Good luck to him. Sure seemed like he had fair chances here,

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That guy had every chance possible. Ridiculous.

For whatever reason, I didn’t see much improvement with MH. I’m pretty sure that he had some responsibility in that.

However, I also haven’t seen a whole lot of overall improvement in KJ’s game either. We heard a lot about how improved the offense was going to be in year two of KB and KJ. Just didn’t see much improvement. I like KJ a lot as a person and as a leader. If you look at his QB play, he still struggles with delivering the ball on time. His footwork isn’t all that polished. And there are some throws he really struggles to make. And we’ve seen some decision making that wasn’t all that good. When I’ve been critical of KB’s playing calling, some have responded that KJ wasn’t making the right read. There’s been enough of these situations that I think it’s fair to ask “who is coaching him up on that?” We’ve heard CSP say “KJ is going to be KJ.”

All I care about is winning so if we can do that, ok great! But all in all I wouldn’t say QB development has been shown to be a strength with CSP and KB. I think we’ve had other OC’s/QB coaches that are better in the QB development area too.

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Malik had loads of opportunities to “break-out” and show he was an SEC level QB, he failed-repeatedly.

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given that Ruhle recruited him hard in HS and all the Neb injured qb’s makes for a great match. Everything seems to be pointing to a Lincoln transfer and I predict a great system match and success for Malik who did hang on for us and kept his mouth under control. I am a fan of Malik and hope he does go to Nebraska asap.

Then you aren’t paying attention. The KJ who came in against Moo U as a freshman and took us right down the field was a running back who was taking snaps. He completed 45 percent of his passes that year. Which became 67 percent last year and 68 percent this year.


How do you coach up a guy who can’t hit a wide open WR 10 yards downfield? I’m no longer rooting for the guy. His career can crash and burn in a cornfield as far as I’m concerned.

Briles loved Hornsby. He got lots of chances in practice and game. His time in practice with way reps were split gave Hornsby chances. He never stepped up in passing game. Can’t be one dimensional.


From his freshman year to sophomore year, yes there was some improvement.

From last year as a starter to this year, no not much. Matt has even commented he thinks his % is a reflection of the high number of short passes he throws. I stand by my original point that I don’t think quarterback development is a strength of CSP and KB, at least to this point. Not saying they are bad, but I wouldn’t qualify it as a strength. We’ve had better on staff in the past, at least in that regard.

I agree. When a QB is healthy for most of one year and injured for a lot of the next year, you won’t see much improvement. Jeez!


Wish him success in his new surroundings but as the saying goes, “no matter where you go, there you are”. If he is successful as a quarterback there, maybe his deflection to Briles and Sam has some merit, but I am guessing that may be more challenging than someone who is comfortable blaming others can handle.

KJ was hurt most of this year. When he was healthy our offense shined. I don’t know if he’s been completely healthy since about the 4th game.

Malik, on the other hand, just didn’t seem to have whatever is needed to be a successful SEC QB. Other than being fast, I didn’t see much at all in the way of QB skills.


The biggest areas KJ needs to improve on his footwork and delivering the ball to receivers in stride. Both were opportunities last year and this year. An opportunity to improve is just that…an opportunity. Some people take offense at any vocalization of any opportunity to improve. And if you read my comment, I didn’t say they were BAD at QB development. I just wouldn’t call it a strength in the same way I WOULD call that a strength for CBP or Joe Ferguson when he was QB coach. Untwist your undies a little.

He will be killed in the BIG10.

I wish him the best. I have to admit I thought he would have enormous success for us in the Briles offense. I just don’t understand why he could never get to where he could be effective throwing the ball. He has a very good arm and really no excuse for him not being able to make all the throws but he never could demonstrate that so therefore he was a liability when he came in the game because they knew they just had to protect against the Run.