Son is losing his mind

Over all the portal issues and transfers. He will be an incoming freshman at the UA next year and loves the hogs. When I was his age i probably would have lost my mind as well. As a 53 year old dad however i am a bit more, i hope, chill these days. At some point we trust Sam and the process or we do not. I for one am going to give him the credit he deserves and let him either win or fail but going to let him and trust him to do it his way.


Change is hard and takes some getting use to especially with all the movement and rosters changing so much. Don’t have an answer but to say this is the new norm.


At 87, I am not likely to see the final status of some things but it looks like some schools will have to drop football and other sports as all schools cannot provide millions of dollars for “student athletes”

And I suspect professional football will eventually be a form of flag football as injuries are changing things.

I watched several college football games for about five dollars and they say tickets for the college championship game is up to 6,000 dollars for the prime seats. The cheaper ones are only around 2500 dollars. I personally cannot imagine anyone paying that much to watch a football game.

But my road ahead is much shorter than the one behind…


As a kid, I would throw myself onto the floor and cry when we lost a big game. Now that I’m older, I typically keep things in perspective but still occasionally want to throw myself onto the floor. I think this is because The Razorbacks are more than just my team. The Hogs are my dad taking me fishing and talking about the game and sportsmanship’s importance, they’re my grandpa roasting peanuts on a cold day and telling me about The Powder River Play against Ole Miss, and how smart Wyatt was to use the element of surprise. These memories and so many more are what give me, and probably many of us, such a strong emotional attachment to the Razorbacks. They’re a thread of love in the fabric of our lives. GHG!


I have loved following the Hogs all my life and always watched our recruiting since I was in High School. I remember as a senior at the U of A having a class that was just to fill up some hours I needed. Greg Thomas was a freshman and in the class with me. He seemed pretty surprised that I could tell him the High School he went to, how many yards he passed for and rushed for. Got to hang out with him that semester and enjoyed watching him lead our hogs! Those days do seem to be coming to an end. We need to appreciate KJ and hope he stays to finish with us. Don’t know how I can handle all this free agency.


Well said.

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The destruction rather than reform of the NCAA has left college football in a precarious position without a structure to manage this growing tidal wave of unplanned change in the very character of the collegiate game. Certainly, conferences have provided this type of management structure for television contracts but there are;t comparable “locks” of significance for the flood of change from the effects of the portal nor the NIL. College affiliation becomes of less and less importance where poorly drawn rules and even worse management of the poorly drawn rules allow so called-student-athletes to move from program to program while athletic programs accelerate a bidding war for players tapping every source available to a university for money. There is no end in sight as this potlatch is accelerated by both player and coach agents manipulating and exploiting the weak oversight of today’s collegiate game. I cannot envision the owners of the NFL’s team ever allowing the professional game to deteriorate with such rapidity and chaos, and wonder why the College and University Presidents and BOTs have not stepped into this growing destruction. These changes are not helpful waves for the improvement of the game and better compensation for the athletes by sharing the wealth accumulated by the flow of television contracted revenue.

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Excellent observations and well said.

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