Somewhere Michael Cage is smiling

First and maybe only Aztec player I was aware of prior to this tourney.

Kawhi Leonard?

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Tony Gwynn

Short list.

Marshall Faulk too, since we branched out past hoops.

Yeah I knew about the football guys and TG. Now who can tell me who Dennis Shaw was?

Gwynn was a standout Hoops player in college.

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I think I knew that, but forgot it. Happens to me a lot these days.

QB from SDSU. Rookie of the year in 1970, kinda disappeared after that.

Gwynn was decent at hoops but I don’t know if I’d call him a standout. Career average of 8. He was drafted late rounds by the Clippers who were still in SD at the time.

He disappeared from the Bills because of a guy named Ferguson.

He’s the school’s all time assist leader and was named all conference two times.

If you don’t want to call that a standout career that’s fine with me.

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