Somewhere Larry Byrd is bitchin' about this

and I am right there with him. The Celtics were playing the Heat on TBS tonight wearing new uniforms. They were not the Kelly Green Boston Celltic unis, but were butt ugly Green Bay Packer green. The were not the simple, cool Boston design, but were just ugly.

This is akin to changing the classic New York Yankee uniform design and color.

Why do teams do this? It is trendy, but ill-advised.

By the way, I don’t like the Celtics, but I always liked their colors and simple design.

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They do it because some silly twenty something will buy them. They don’t know any better.


Is Larry Byrd an admiral? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m glad Bill Russell didn’t have to witness those uniforms! He’s my GOAT, rest in peace. WPS

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The Yankees are not immune to this either. MLB has developed/is developing “City Concept” unis for all 30 teams, yes including the Yankees. NYY hasn’t worn one yet but it could look like this:

They didn’t ask me, but I don’t like those Yankee knock offs. They are copying the NBA…trying to be cool.

Well said!

Larry who?

What did he have? Like 11 rings in 14 years or something? Amazing!

Or don’t care.

Tradition and affiliation in sports seems pretty much limited to women’s skirts in tennis. Anything else is subject to a market plan to generate another dollar,

Eleven rings in 13 years, 12 time NBA all star! WPS

As Nolan said “Bird”

Yeah, wasn’t that the era when defending champion made the finals without playing a round?