Somewhat OT: Can this be true?

Dodgers gear most popular in … Arkansas?

We do have a LOT of people from California moving in to Northwest Arkansas. When I talk to school people, they tell me that’s where so many of the move-ins are coming from.

Still, this is another one of those popularity tweets that I don’t quite believe.

Maybe that data is true, but I kind of doubt it. In all my time in Northwest Arkansas, I’ve only met one die-hard Dodgers fan, a professor who grew up elsewhere.

I went to lunch with Aaron Fitt when he was in town a couple of weeks ago at Foghorns across from the ballpark. There are a lot of Cardinals items on the walls. He pointed it out and I said, “This is Cardinals country.”

He was kind of surprised by that, but I explained to him KMOX and its reach, and how it influenced so many to be fans of the Cardinals in this area. He assumed the Rangers might be the second-most popular. I said that might be true with all of the Dallas transplants, but you also have a lot of Royals fans due to proximity and Braves fans due to TBS. We also discussed Astros, Yankees and Red Sox for various reasons. I never once thought of the Dodgers.

They do have a broad fan base because I know when I used to go to the Braves games when they were in town and there was always a lot of dodger fans in the crowd.

I’m thinking Lids is those cap stores you find in the mall. Which, at least when I paid attention, were frequented mostly by kids, who may be buying a hat because they think it’s cool and not because they’re Dodger fans.

That’s the difference between the poll and your opinion of the poll. There is a HUGE difference between die hard fans and people supporting the team playing the best this year (bandwagoners). They’re all over AR. Look at this board and the Cardinals. When they’re down, not a peep, when they play good, everyone is a fan.

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Not exactly an eye opener of information. Fairly typical of all fans. What was our home attendance during the end of Bielema and the “Hammer Down” years? This board remained active but mostly whining.

Why would us Cardinal fans be down? We won the division. Ask them Dodgers how easy it is to advance thru the playoffs and win the World Series. :sunglasses:

I have never seen anybody in Arkansas wear Dodger gear. Cardinal gear, almost entirely.

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Don’t remember seeing you during that time. Lol

Lol, well what can I say, been a member of this board at least since BP. Used to be a date posted when you joined.

Bad memory?

Well says '19, but that would be most everybody since the board changed over

I’m messing with you, you’re one of the few that’s been on here and the old board.

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All in good fun. :sunglasses:

I do not believe in any form or fashion Dodgers are tops in Arkansas.

I teach at a large high school and the majority of gear I see is LA Dodgers, I think it’s more of a fashion thing though honestly. I’d say the majority of actual fans in Arkansas would be Cardinals fans followed by Cubs fans and Braves fans.

And yet, the teams blacked out in NWA are KC, StL, Rangers, and Astros. Rangers and Astros???

Yeah, I cheat and use a VPN to watch blacked-out Cubs games. The blackouts make no sense, why am I paying to see games if you’re just going to black them out in my area? I feel like the Cards/Cubs/Braves fandoms in AR stem from when those were the only 3 you could consistently watch on TV in AR.

I know why I’m a Cubs fan, it’s WGN, Harry Caray, and Ryne Sandberg.

I’d agree, when I was in HS, it was Yankees, White Sox, or Notre Dame. And I couldn’t stand any of them.

Then when I went to California, I started seeing Cowboys (when they won the first under Jimmy Johnson), and AR stuff (everyone wanted to be rollin with Nolan).

You guys are probably reading too much into this. It’s not which team has most fans in the state; it’s which team has sold most gear (likely thru retailer Lids).

How many of you Cardinals fans have purchased a hat at Lids recently?

Also, the Dodger cap has more iconic status for the block LA. Some that buy it may not even realize it’s a Dodgers cap. They’ve just seen them worn by some celebrity and want the same for themselves.


I actually did last spring as a graduation gift for my brother-in-law who was starting college at Lindenwood.

I once was a Braves fan, when they were on my cable channel lineup in Tulsa and played in NL West. I watched their west coast games after all my girls went to bed. Only time I could watch baseball.

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