Somewhat lost in the rally at Vandy

Is that Martin and Kjerstad combined for seven hits in that game. Hopefully they now go on a hot streak that extends until, oh, late June.

Casey has pulled his average up to .277 and HK is at .321.

Oh yeah, and Goodheart just keeps raking it; .392 is just sick. He’s second in the SEC in hitting.

It was nice to see a change in the batting order. There may be a few more changes before the end of conference play.
Heston used the whole field and he had some luck! There’s no way to complain with 22 hits in a game by the hogs!
Matt Goodheart looks intense at the plate.
He can flat out stroke the ball!
Franklin is struggling a little and needs to be able to get the bunt down when called upon. We could have used some offense like that on Friday night.

Can we get our pitching up to the same standards? Middle relief and the second and third weekend starters are struggling.

Yes I really like the fact that Martin got the rally started the 9th with a line drive back up the middle he needs to try to do that every single time he bats. Kjerstad also had a great game. I like to order the way it was.Fletcher should get some great pitches to hit with kjerstad behind him… I knew good heart was a very good hitter just didn’t expect him to hit for such a average I thought he would hit for more power but to be honest he would have two more home runs hitting in our ballpark because both of those that hit off the wall would have been home runs I think.

Jacob Kostyshock will be available again this weekend. That could a long way toward getting the pitching fixed on the weekend. He has been the team’s best reliever outside of Matt Cronin.