Sometimes you just can't explain free throw shooting

Against SC, nobody could hit their free throws but Mason Jones. Tonight, every player except Jones, hit their free throws!

About the only thing golf and basketball have in common is mind blowing putting and free throw shooting. Both play with your head. Both require near perfect muscle memory. You need to make sure you are seeing the ball go in the cup or basket, in your preparation. If you let a single thought creep into your mind about missing, you probably will. To be good at either you HAVE to have great confidence in your muscle (“movement” in putting?) memory.

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On 16 in Phoenix today there were some wild looks with the ball just sliding by the cup. Just like Mason’s free throw just clanked off the rim today! In the first half he was miserable at the line!

I had no muscle memory on the golf course yesterday !!!

Had lots of muscle memory on the golf course yesterday…just the wrong memories

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I putted like a champ today but if anyone sees my short game laying around please send it back.

You can add first serve in tennis to that list. Mind games.

My short has always been suspect! In the good old days I got up and down about 30% of the time. That’s not good! Just enjoy playing and being outside.

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Mason said cramps we’re hindering him at the line.

That’s part of way too many minutes! The same could also point to his 7 turnovers against South Carolina.

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