Sometimes ya just have to 'splain things

According to the guy holding the sign (who I asked about this on Sunday) those are Irish Potatoes. Or “Taters.” When Carson Shaddy, who is of Irish descent, hits a home run, it’s an Irish Tater. Get it?

I could have tried to solve that riddle for a 100 years & never gotten it.

I thought it was “stones” and it was in reference to a good performance by Barrett Loseke. Oh well. I am glad to have it explained.

Thank you! I was struggling to explain to my 75 year old mom what that meant.

I finally figured out it was “taters” but I didn’t connect it with Shaddy.

It made this old throwback feel good to see that sign. Had to explain it to my daughter, SIL and grandson.

I suppose the guy got the reaction he wanted from the sign since we’re talking about it. Apparently they did on TV, too.

However, if a sign or message is so subtle that no one has the slightest clue what it means, I don’t think it’s a terribly effective message. Of course, I assume Snout & others did figure it out, but I have no idea how.

“Taters” came to me pretty quick but I didn’t connect it to a certain player.

I definitely want to see someone hold up a sign with some “Stones” on it when Cronin comes into pitch now at the CWS!