Sometimes things are just what the seem

I’ve been seeing a lot of conspiracy theories going around about the coaching search. Now that Sampson is signed I’m reading on social media and other sites that Sampson was never a target it’s smokescreen and all this other stuff. Why does everyone have to make a conspiracy theory out of everything?

You can put 2 and 2 together and figure out what happened. We simply got outbid by Houston for Sampson. There was waaaay too many credible people in both Houston and Arkansas that was reporting we were after him pretty hard. Now all of a sudden it was just smokescreen… I would think a lot of these reporters have been around long enough to know when something is smokescreen or not. We got outbid now we’re moving on.

Now, just based on reports, it’s pretty obvious we’re going after Beard… which honestly is a waste of time, Texas Tech is going to pay him whatever he wants, he’s taken them to new heights, and he has a top 5 recruiting class coming in, they’d be crazy not to counter any offer. If he leaves for anyone it’s going to be Texas, they have a top 15 class signed, with some really nice pieces returning, and that’s his alma mater. It makes the most sense. Coming to Arkansas makes the least sense. We have the least connection among the 3 schools to Beard, we’re the worst team among the 3 schools, and we have the worst recruiting class signed among the 3 schools. Unless Beard just loves a good challenge it’s not happening.

Musselman is starting to look unlikey, he’s actually a good candidate, but things seem to have cooled on that end.

The other names I’ve seen the strongest lately is Alford and Marshall. Both good coaches, but both have difficult personalities to deal with.

As a tangential but different thought, I always thought it interesting that MA was able to recruit and coach at UAB and Missou, but couldn’t at Arkansas…or so they say.

Don’t go out looking for an absolute a-hole, but don’t look for the Mr Nice Guy who Only wants to play footsie with the media, either. He’s there to coach basketball, recruit and win.

I hope its Marshall. He is the type of coach that has had success at Arkansas. He gets more out of less and has proven success over the long term. I don’t harbor any illusions that we will contend yearly for SEC and NCAA championships, but we’ll win enough to be in the mix in March.

Musselman looks like a high risk/high reward hire to me. He might work out spectacularly, but his floor might set us back long enough for me to lose interest in the program. I’m already close to being there in football.

I don’t see Beard leaving a program where he just cashed in a FF credit in order to start over 0-0 at a program where the fans have decided that a brief five-year peak period is our natural place in the basketball world.

I said this earlier that the narrative will be pushed by the opposing side (those that support HY’s decision) that whoever we miss out on wasn’t ever on the radar and whoever we get whether it’s the milk man from Hidden Valley Conference, “He was the number one guy all along”… This strategy is smart if you are in HY’s corner because in reality his initial decision on the new coach can’t be properly judged immediately, at least that’s what the popular opinion is right?

Had something to do with SEC transfer restrictions. Not nearly as flexible.

Or, 3 tournament appearances in 8 years isn’t enough. Whom ever the new coach is, I hope you give him the same amount of rope.

He didn’t even mention anything about Mike Anderson, you’re just looking to nitpick at stuff. This discussion is about the coaching search. You guys that like to always give people a hard to for defending CMA, sure are obsessed with continuing to push the narrative to bash him. This coaching searching seemingly not going well has nothing to do with him.

So, those “opposing side” of HY’s decision is about what?? I guess he’s referring to switching from artificial turf to natural grass??? I wasn’t the one to bring up MA, lol, and I didn’t mention any specific coach by name, I think your agenda is showing. I want to win, I don’t care who the coach is, unlike some.

Blu, AKA MAs Garden Gnome, has been showing his agenda for some time now. It just gets deeper every day. I can’t comment too much, he doesn’t like me and I hurt his feelings.

There’s only 1 coach that just got fired from Arkansas that had 3 tournament appearances in 8 years… If you weren’t talking about Mike Anderson then who were you talking about?

And FYI, most people do care who the coach is, that’s why you see so many people following and keeping up with the search and giving their opinions on who they like the next coach to be. Most people don’t want someone like Rick Pitino as coach, because most people actual have morals, but props to you for not having any and just care about winning at all costs. I’m glad you cleared that up.

You forgot to address the first point, who brought up MA first, again, your agenda is showing. Ok, you can care, it won’t have any effect on whom it will be, but I guess that helps you sleep at night.

They didn’t get outbid.

He got what he wanted at the place he wanted to stay.

But would have come to Arkansas if he didn’t.

There are always going to be guys who get raises in the process.

Some of you act like this is the only place it happens.

HDN turned it into an art form back in the day and did so with the best AD ever here.

For what’s it’s worth is like to see them offer Dawkins at UCF!

Ok, go bother someone else now…

Other sites are now reporting the deal breaker was the coach in waiting thing, Arkansas didn’t want to do it and Houston did, and they actually just announced the son is coach in waiting. So, technically that’s getting outbid on Arkansas’ part. There’s no shame in that, not wanting to do that, I personally wouldn’t have agree to that, but if you put an offer on the table and someone else puts an offer + adds something else (son coach in waiting) then you got out bid.

Also, I didn’t say doesn’t happen to other schools, my point is every time we miss on something, people start saying “Oh, we were never interested, this was just smoke.” That’s simply not true. We were most definitely interested and there is some credible sources saying we did present an offer.

Can’t believe that anyone on this board is being villainized for liking Mike Anderson, or for daring to have a different opinion or actual concerns on how this search is going. Sad.


I wasn’t bothering you when you I posted my response to Arkansas870228…