Sometimes the other team is just better than your team...

and that is the case when we play Florida. They were more athletic, quicker, faster and better than us even though they had lost a good big man a few games earlier. They whipped us convincingly at Bud Walton and again last night. Give them credit. That little coach, Mike White looks like a good hire with a bad haircut.

Coach Anderson did all he could…We are a team with a very good center and a bunch of pretty good guards. We don’t match up well with Florida…they are so strong on the frontline, especially before their key injury. We, on the other hand, are just about helpless at the 3 and 4.

Please tell me help is on they way for next year. We aren’t far away from being a Top 25 team with a couple of big guys.

Well said.

Well said.

Help is on the way! What stinks so much is for Florida to have 2 kids from Arkansas that played for them! That’s the part that I hate. The talent in Arkansas is starting to stay home with the hogs. It is getting better.

True unless they are the best 5 star players that only the elite teams such as Kentucky wants. It seems 4 star players will stay hope and that okay because they will play for two years while the best 5 star players are 1 and done.