Sometimes, the better team does not win -------------------

---------------- sometimes, usually outstanding players make mistakes like KJ’s fumble or Stromberg’s bad snap. Sometimes, when an offensive coordinator has his offense dominating another team they decide to “experiment” with some trickeration that stalls the offense, letting the momentum get away never to get it back to the same degree. Sometimes, our great pass rush forces their QB to throw up a lame duck pass three different times and their great athletes beat our not as great defenders to the ball for completions of a TD and two critical first downs.

Our defense played well enough to win. Our offense had a bad game. We still could have won but our future All SEC kicker barely missed a critical field goal. Sometimes that happens at a really bad time and it should never have come down to that. If our offense plays anywhere close to its usual level of competence, we win by 10. JMVVVVVVHO

PS: Maybe that will happen the other way this weekend and we will be the one who beats a better team.


The best TEAM always wins, the best players sometimes do not.

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There are many games where it is clear that if the two teams played ten games, one of them would win 7-8 of them, yet, those 2-3 out of ten games do happen. The better overall team does not always win. Case in point is our Auburn game where everyone in the football world agreed we were robbed and should have won that game. Sometimes, bad calls, bad luck, one of your key players having a rare bad day, etc. lets that “not as good” team pull an upset. We need to be on the good side of that situation this week and maybe we are “due.”

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Best prepared teams win most often but we will see if we can fix the turnover, lack of tacking, getting away from what works play calling, have defense get some turnovers, etc and do it against the benchmark of college football for past 15 years.

So you say we have a chance, yes we do , but it will take the greatest performance by players and coaching staff to do it.

Wally Hall in today’s (Tuesday) Demozette agrees with me. I am very ashamed now. Totally embarrassed and humiliated. If he thinks this way too, I must be totally wrong.


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no not even close to being right,plenty of times the best TEAM beats themselves so the inferior team didn’t have to…happened Sat.I think we beat TAM 9/10 times but we made it easy for them to win by making critical game altering mistakes.


I thought the secondary played Great in coverage! the hail mary’s the QB threw up were so underthrown it gave the WR inside position to catch them,He is SOOOOOOO lucky they weren’t Picked and if we had tried something so crazy I can guarantee you it would have been. The Tackling on the other hand is pathetic and is killing this team and defensive #'s.

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That’s what killed me on their first TD. If Chavis ever turns around and looks for the ball it’s an easy, wounded duck interception.

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Well in chavis’s defense he was covering for the longer pass which would have been thrown 9/10 if the quarterback wasn’t about to get his head tore off, same way with the other prayer he threw up.

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