Sometimes it is not the coach

Sometimes the fault has to be on the players…Defense, regardless of the scheme, is about effort. Our D last night was about as bad as it gets. This following a D effort like we had against Alabama. That team certainly is not in Alabama’s class. Moses never got off of the bus. 2 points and 2 rebounds for a 6’10" super athlete. How can this be. 17 turnovers from a team that plays 3 guards. How can that happen. No, I can’t blame this on Coaching. This one belongs to the players. JMO

The body of work since Mike has been here isn’t worth defending. It is the coaches responsibility and he is one of highest paid in our conference and top 25 in nation. Buck has to stop somewhere.

They are being asked to play a style of defense they cannot handle game after game. It requires maximum effort, and they don’t have it in them for every game.

Who is responsible for recruiting those players?

And sometimes it is the coaches fault.

Ask CMA whose fault it was, I believe he answered that question yesterday. His response- He blamed himself for not having them prepared. That says it all about yesterday.

Oh good lord…what else can he say? Can he say Moses was busy checking his draft status on the plane up to Columbia? Can he say Dusty can’t guard a fence post? Can he say Manny got punked on the most crucial rebound of the game? Players gotta make plays. Coach Anderson had zero turnovers and didn’t miss a free throw. His man didn’t score a point.

Ha ha

That’s one of the thing I like about CMA he’s going to take the blame no matter what. He NEVER throws his players under the bus. We got coaches in the league coach Calapari that will throw his players under the bus after every loss at the press conference and yell at them “I can’t coach you” on national TV. Archie Goodwin will forever be remember by that moment.

I like Mike and I want him to win here.

But, how many years does he get before we start blaming the coach??
Players?? C’mon man.
They are his players.

We gonna still be blaming players if he’s here 10 years and not winning games like yesterday??

You’re good at exaggerating what people are saying and trying to turn it into something else. Nobody is saying coach doesn’t get any on the blame, you don’t see that anywhere in this thread. That’s completely made up by you. It’s his team he gets the blame no matter what, nobody has disputed that, he took the blame himself at the press conference.

What the OP is saying is that regardless of defensive schemes it’s up to the players to execute. Anybody that watched the game can see there was some lazy closeouts on 3 point shooters and some guys that were not sticking to their man. I know Daryl Macon, who’s usually a solid defender, didn’t close out on 3 point shooters a few different times. Dusty Hannahs let Cullen Vanleer lose him a few times and he got open shots. Moses Kingsley wasn’t being aggressive on the boards or at all on defense or offense. Guys turning the ball over by push-offs at the end of the game. The coach can only do so much. It’s up to the players to come out and play well. I don’t know how much better to explain that.

It’s not the coach. I agree CMA did not turn the ball over miss any free throws and his man did not score. This team is not one unit. They play one on one too much and do not do the simple things to win from tip off until the clock reads zero !
All of you think about D Williams whom left last year after trouble he is a force on the Midddle Tenn team. We have not recover from that. The JUCO guys are making a difference wait and see what they play like next year. This team was flat and got beat let’s hope they recover and start playing some ball. I’m a hog fan and I’m supporting my coach and team whether it’s a win or a loss.
They can’t play that bad and flat again.

Thanks for dumbing it down for me.
Tired of excuses. Ready for results.

Mike’s job to have them ready to play.
They should fear not giving 110%, not closing out shooters, getting called for the same offensive foul over and over.
They don’t.

I don’t know how else to explain it to you.

If you’re tired of “excuses” you do know you don’t have to read it right? The OP was giving his version of problems he saw, which were accurate.

Also, we’re 17-6 and 4th in conference with 36 RPI. There’s been results, whether you want to acknowledge it or not.

Again, WHO?

If I see what I think are excuses for Mike Anderson because he can’t get his players to play hard enough, or smart enough, or execute his game plan…
I have every right to call BS is I so choose.
It’s a message board.
You realize that, right?

Anyway I’m frustrated. Don’t understand why Mike either
A. Cannot persuade his players to play his style the way he wants.
B. Cannot adjust his style to the players we have.

I’m gonna bet that record and sec standing don’t hold up.
But I’m also gonna hope I’m wrong.

Think I’m done here for a while.

But I will be watching every game and pulling like crazy for my Hogs.

It’s not about which poster is right/wrong and whose ego gets bruised. Why lose to Mizzou is even more disturbing than it was in football. At least the football version had not been winless in SEC play. We already had defeated them once in hoop, handily.

When this team decides to coast, yeek…

You’re welcome to post all you want just like anyone else however, you may get better responses and/or get a response if you don’t blatantly lie and exaggerate in all of your posts. Again, read the original post, the OP is strictly was talking about the mistakes the players made in the Mizzou game, which is a fair conversation. But, somehow you turned that into a “But, how many years does he get before we start blaming the coach??” Nobody was talking about the coach, you’re the person that turned the thread into something about Coach Anderson, then got mad and said you’re tired of excuses from him. Well, if your tired of talking about him and talking about excuses don’t bring him up in a thread that has nothing to do with him.

Anyways, that’s my 2 cents and last response to you about it. Have a good one.

Nobody was talking about the coach??
The thread is entitled “sometimes it’s not the coach”. Lol.

Lie and exaggerate in all of my posts?
Exaggerate much yourself?
Where did I lie?
You decided to attack my character and call me a liar?
Geez. Step back a little my friend.

See ya.

Nobody called you a liar, pal. That was fairly mild disagreement compared to what you’d get on some boards, or from some posters here. If you’re gonna wade into a discussion, you need to be prepared to be called out on it. In other words, grow a set or stay on the sidelines.

I agree 100% with this–in the abstract. I think too many people blame a coach too many times when the team loses. Sometimes it’s coaching but that’s rare. (Yeah, I know if the team isn’t good enough, most people say it’s the coaches’ fault for not recruiting better, but I don’t want to get into that particular discussion in this post.) However, over a long period of time a record of wins & losses does come down to the coach. At least it comes down to the coach if he’s under-performing what the school has a reasonable right to expect. It’s unreasonable to expect a Vandy football coach to have as many wins as the Alabama coach. It’s probably unreasonable for us to expect our bb coach to have as many wins as the UK coach. However, it’s very reasonable for us to expect him to out-perform the So Carolina, Ole Miss, & just about every other coach in the SEC. I don’t mean in year one or two following a mess–much like MA inherited–but by year 5-6, my expectations for our basketball team go up.

I think it’d be a bad idea to fire MA after this season unless we collapse. We’re better this year than we’ve been in a while. But if we’re barely on the NCAA bubble next year, I’ll probably join those who think it’s time for a change. And I say that with sadness. I like MA & think he’s doing things right, but at some point we need to begin finishing no worse than 4th in the SEC. JMO