Sometimes Briles just out cutesies himself

Just run it down their dadgum throats and play for OT dadgummit!

Agreed with the call to go for 2 but stack the right side and run power at them, they couldn’t stop it all day. Wasted opportunity


Glad they went for two. It was the right move.


Yeah I agree. Wish we had rolled KJ out and given him a chance run/dive if the pass wasn’t there.


If going for 2, I also think the ball should be in KJ’s hands, he might have jumped over someone for the win. He wanted the ball. He would not have been denied the end zone, IMHO.

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It was CSP who wanted to go for 2. If you are so critical of Briles go root for someone else. You guys are never satisfied!



I am pleased with the decision to go for 2 and the play call. The play call put playmakers in the EZ. At the 3 yard line you have DBs as close to the goal line as KJ. This place would come unhinged if we would have run a QB keeper. Plus, we had the OL in the groove of pass blocking. They hadn’t opened a big running hole in a while.

Remember we had a penalty and even if we had made the 2 pt conversion….the penalty would have nullified the conversion. I just wonder if we still would have still went for it after the penalty.

Enos would have won the game. He was a great play caller in clutch situations when he was at Arkansas.

Briles called a great game. We scored 51 points against a top 15 SEC opponent. Would you be saying this if we had made the conversion? No. Were you saying the same thing after the hunter heave when we went for 2 and won on the conversion? Of course not. You’re just emotional after losing. It’ll be ok.


I’m ok with the way it ended. I do agree I trust KJ’s feet more than his arm at this point in his career. He does sail the ball sometimes. I would have spread them out and put a 240 lb bowling ball in motion. But it’s all 20/20 in hindsight


Except for going for 2–which is Sam’s call and not his—that’s pretty much what he did.

We ran the ball 58 times.

He did put the ball in KJ’s hands at the end. He had the option to pitch it, run it or throw it. He threw it to his best player. Burks was held but unless it’s us they aren’t going to call that, there.

I’m not sure how anyone can find fault with an OC whose unit put up 51 on the road, gained 676 yards, ran for 350 and was only really stopped once all day (other times it was a missed FG, a fumble after a great run, a missed gimme throw and an end of half Hail Mary).

But, sure, Blame Briles.


Just to reiterate, I started this thread before our final drive. I have no problem with going for two and probably would have done the same. The cutesy reference was on the drive when we got away from running and had to punt it away. I got a little hot headed, which I should not have done, when bellhog suggested that I’m never satisfied and should find another team to root for. I may not be a fulltime sunshine pumper, but I am not and have never been a chronic negative nellie.

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The same Dan Enos that got his doors blown off today by Ohio St with Tua’s brother as his QB? No thanks. I’ll stick with Briles. Enos still smells of Bert and desperation.

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There was a run option on that play for two. Both of our tackles did not touch a player on that play. Thus the two DL over them were unimpeded in their path to KJ. I went have liked to see that play run to wide side.

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Ole Miss had the run stopped . We had an Ineligible receiver out. If we had scored, it was coming back. We missed a couple of scoring opportunities.


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That’s crazy and stupid. End of discussion…


I said with the Hogs. Your reading comprehension needs some work. Never said I wanted him over Briles. Enos would have scored 2 today was my point. He ran Brandon Allen so I have no doubt he would have ran KJ and won the game. This game was a mix between the Matt Jones game and the Brandon Allen game with one exception, we lost. It also reminded me of the 2015 Miss State game that we lost 51-50.