Something you may have missed

I certainly did. Wichita State fired Todd Butler. Maybe DVH could bring him back as hitting coach/recruiter?

I saw that somewhere (if not here, then somewhere else, I guess) yesterday.

This is where the NCAA approving another paid assistant could possibly have come into play. Right now, there’s no room at the Baum-Walker Inn.

Butler will land on his feet - but probably to a place losing their non-pitching assistant to a HC opportunity.

Matt posted it, but it did roll down the page with all of the regional talk.

I feel bad for Butler. It was a really weird situation in which he was encouraged to keep the pitching coach from the previous staff (long-time coach Gene Stephenson had retired).

I heard that it wasn’t a good fit and Butler could never get it turned around once he got to get his own staff. I’m not surprised that he was fired, given the overall lack of success. Kind of surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

Expectations remain pretty high at Wichita State. The baseball facility there is really good by non-SEC standards, built to host regionals.

I campaigned for him to leave. I sure as bloody #@%% do not want him back. I know we had the baseball that was a little dead and the bats were different but we were toward the bottom of the SEC in batting average. We probably led the league in strike outs. You can’t blame that on the baseballs. The only thing that kept us in contention was a great team ERA.

Compare that to what Vitello did and what Thompson is doing now. Give me a break!!!