Something to watch

is A&M CB commit Bobby Wolfe. Sounds like he’s looking around.

I like it when you drop these hints Richard…but personally, I would like for the Hogs to get Catalon and Bush

From reading around different places, our chances are very good with Bush. The odds seem to be favoring Texas for Catalon. I am by no means sold on Morris yet. I will give him a couple of years before making a definitive judgement. I am impressed by his ability to recruit. A couple of more classes like this and winning should get easier for him. We should see some real improvement in year 3 in wins vs losses. I think this class is just a couple of good OL and a great LB away from being great.

I’m not doubting his talent. But, frankly, all of his is-he-committed-is-he-not BS is starting to wear pretty thin with me.

I have no hard numbers to back this up, but to my recollection guys who act like this very often don’t actually do well, where-ever they end up landing.

I’d just as soon end up with some of the other options mentioned in this thread and let the Aggies have him. Of course, as soon as I say that, he’ll probably be a Thorpe winner.

At the time he commited to Aggies, the other corner from Richmond, Texas that was a commitment was higher rated than Wolfe. They then got the second highest rated corner in the country after Wolfe and I figured that Fisher would Saban Mr. Wolfe.

If he chooses to be a Hawg, bring him on. He’s definitely talented enough to be a contributor. But if he really doesn’t want to be here, then let him look elsewhere.

I was thinking the same thing Bobby may have missed his chance

Don’t think that’s the case.

so are you saying they would take him over Bush because that’s highly doubtful imo

Or both? Have you seen our pass defense this year?… Plus we are losing Pulley at the end of the year

They will take a difference maker regardless of the numbers and they think Bobby is one.

You have to look at it as not only getting a great cornerback but, also taking one away from Texas A&M. A double whammy.

Pulley is a junior, unless he leaves early he will be back.

Is that true? Because I’ve seen it listed both ways…

I think it’s well known to the coaches he intends to declare.