Something to watch

Arkansas State and UCA both are in the semifinals of their conference tournaments.

Arkansas State upset No. 2 seed Texas-Arlington today in the Sun Belt quarterfinals. The No. 1 seed also has been eliminated in that tournament, so it’s up for grabs.

UCA plays Houston Baptist in a semifinal game tomorrow in the Southland. Those two teams already have split two games in the tournament this week, and UCA eliminated the No. 1 seed McNeese State.

Should either of those teams win their tournament, they very well might be sent to Fayetteville as the No. 4 seed in next week’s regional.

Some other regional candidates for the Fayetteville regional include Oklahoma, Missouri State and Oral Roberts.

Good job by the other AR Programs, but I can hear the A State fans now.

Common opponents:

UCA played MoState and Vandy in consecutive series in March. Went 0-5. Also beat Okie Lite in April at Stillpatch.

ASU played one game against MoState and Memphis (lost both) and won a game against LaTech. Beat Ole Miss at Oxbarn last week, too. But ASU’s RPI is significantly worse.

UCA beat Houston Baptist this afternoon. The Bears play Sam Houston in the Southland championship game tonight.

Arkansas State lost 4-2 to South Alabama in the Sun Belt semifinals.

I think we get MoState or the Paperclips, not both. They’ll both be a 2 seed somewhere. ORU could be a 3 seed.

We will know those answers on Monday night won’t we?
I just hope the Hogs get good quality pitching! Tomorrow and next week! Don’t burn any arms tomorrow that could hurt us moving forward. Winning tomorrow and beating Loser State University would be nice but it’s not worth messing up the rotation or burning anyone that can impact the regional.
Just think about how strong the pitching staff would have been if the staters would have all been healthy and injury free!
Earlier this week a poster on this board Meade a negative comment about the Moo U loss and how the hogs would not get to Saturday let alone Sunday! I have not seed anymore post from him. Baseball can be feast or famine and these young hogs are talented but they are not perfect.
We all need to appreciate them even after a loss! WPS!!!