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The Big Dance started 11 days ago with 68 teams. Since then, 60 of them have gone home. SIXTY. For the second straight year, we’re one of the last 12% standing. And after tonight we might be one of the last 6%.


Back to back Elite 8’s is absolutely incredible. We’ve got the best coach in the country. . . His fire and will to win is unmatched and it is reflected in his players.

It has been said that teams reflect their coaches and it for has shown to be the case the last few years.

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Actually regardless if we win or lose, we can say were were one of the last 7 standing because a game will be decided before us and one more team will be gone. Though I do hope for the end of the night to show us as one of the last 6.

I can admit when we went 0-3 in conference, I had shifted my outlook to this being a season we would just have to struggle through until we got more pieces, but those were coming in the next class. So the future was bright and I’d just take this season with a grain of salt. I cannot begin to express how happy I am to have be so short-sighted and wrong. And in the words of Tom Cruise from Cocktail… I will never ever get spooked again.

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Rough start or not next year, this season makes next season seem like a lock for a Final Four

Different set of problems, working a lot of freshmen into a cohesive, successful team. Lots of talent. If Toney, Williams and Devo return it will help smooth the transition. Most comments on here lead me to doubt JD retuning.

I fully expect a transition with some rough spots. I believe Muss will smooth it out nicely.

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