Something to think about

Bored this afternoon, waiting for the softball game this evening, etc., so I’m flipping around YouTube and I find an interview Dan Patrick did with Jay Bilas at the Final Four. Jay has his opinions on the sport of college basketball, and he wasn’t holding back on this one.

Basically he called out the NCAA as arrogant, with an attitude that boils down to “some people don’t belong in college.” Oh really? In Harvard or Yale, maybe, but there are a lot of NCAA Division I schools that aren’t much more than glorified junior colleges (and some of them once WERE junior colleges, including one in Little Rock). So you’re going to tell a chunk of talented young Americans, male and female but mostly African-Americans, that if you don’t fit into our little pigeonhole we’ve created for you, we don’t want you; you can go to the G-League or Europe or whatever.

Jay’s response to that: “Screw you.”