"Something To Talk About" 2 Point conversion

Wally, you are going to hear it often today that the successful 2 pt conversion was Allen to Morgan (not Cornelius) to Hatcher, toss to Allen. Brilliant play design by Dan Enos, right from the immediate handoff to Morgan which really got the TCU defensive flow going…

I don’t read _ally _all, but why should anyone be surprised that facts are of no importance to him? They never have been.


I wish the authors were noted in the banner at the top of the board index. Would save me wasted time spent clicking on his articles before not reading. Feels like a truth in advertising issue to me. The other option would be the ability to block selected admins.

One way to avoid _ally _all, is to click on the Whole Hog Sports banner and scroll down to the the listing of reporters. Check out what the wee one wrote and make a note to avoid that “article”.

My boycott of reading anything from the “wee one” mentioned by Marty is about 15 years old. I’ve not missed a thing. :roll:

I could see where he would miss that–they look so much alike and their numbers are so similar.

Thanks for putting his name in front of the articles. I had cancelled my online subscription to the DemocratGazette during the Nutt mess and vowed to not renew until Wally was gone.

:lol: Now that’s funny…