Something to remember as we turn into the home stretch of the SEC season

In the last half of the SEC schedule, we play 3 of our 5 remaining series at home. Of the prime contenders (of which there are many!) in the SEC, only LSU, UGA and Auburn have a similarly favorable schedule of home/away games. All of the others - including Vandy - play 3 conference series on the road.

The bad news is that both UGA and Vandy have - subjectively - easier foes to play (SEC East) than we do.

I’d say Vandy has an easier remaining schedule than UGA, tougher road foes. In fact, in my opinion, the two toughest of the remaining series (Aubie and Missou), Vandy gets at home.

Playing MSU on the road should be interesting for UGA next week.

I’ll be interested to see how Georgia fares against Missouri this week. Missouri is hot and Georgia is coming off that 20-inning game against Clemson last night. With the Thursday start, it could get interesting if one or more of the Bulldogs’ starters struggle.

And we know DVH’s team usually get better later in the year and with so many new position players the experience should bode well.