Something to keep an eye on

This season LSU has batted .259 against lefties and .370 against righties. Ark has batted .330 against lefties and .296 against righties. My guess is that most people would not have realized these stats for Ark.


We have we have indeed done a great job against LH this year I think it’s because our LH hitters are going the other way quite a bit better and our RH guys are really coming through…

Yes LSU has absolutely killed RH pitching and Mac will have to keep the ball down all day long or there could be some bombs today.

Forecast is for a west wind at the Box today. Which is blowing dead out to right field. Wind not nearly as strong as yesterday though.

I think MCEntire will show pretty early today if he can stay in the game very long. Like you said if he leaves it up in the zone it will go a long way.
On the other hand if he can spot his pitches he can be really effective. Man baseball is a lot of fun.


Coaches know those stats.

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To enable us to return home with at least one win, it’s obvious coach used up his best on Friday.

He did the same the previous weekend in case you were not watching.

Yes the old bird in hand deal. Win the game you’re playing and do what you can from there with what you have left. Smith just can’t be used and burned on Friday. There’s not enough experienced pitching to be successful. If Morris was in form and pitching like he is capable it would be s different story.

If you don’t use Smith on Friday we get swept. Period.

I think that probably would only apply
when you’re playing an offense like LSU… I think Carter’s more than capable of getting out most of these offenses for one or two innings

Smith back in the rotation assures you’re going to get at least two good starts pretty much every weekend right now we cannot say that at all.

We may can use Smith for one inning on Friday maybe 20 to 30 pitches and then start him on Sunday and let him go as far as he can that may be an option for us

The wish is that Smith close on Friday AND Sunday, but he can’t do that if he comes in before the 8th (preferably the 9th) on Friday.

Maybe, a great set up P will emerge.

That can work if we can get another starter that will get us through at least 5-6 on Sunday… I have to believe that if Brady can come back and be dominant like he was then we will move Smith back into the rotation. But we will see.

You are probably right. To reach our goals, we really need a healthy Tygart.

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Score a few more runs on Friday and things can change. Dave is gonna play it by his gut on Friday like he did with Jay Sawatski. Close on Friday. Start on Sunday. It can work.

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