Something to keep an eye on

Does he stay or does he leave?

This could be an amazing hire if we could sway him this way.

Don’t tease me.

Just saying he would be a good get.

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That’s an understatement.

According to this article, Leonhard will stay at Wisconsin.

Good guy not much in south.

What about Zach arnett at Mississippi state.

They jumped the gun on that.

It’s not confirmed Leonhard is returning.

From what I gather, Finkel wanted to have co-coordinators.

A source in the Big 10 said Baylor could be a player for him.

I don’t worry so much about whether a coordinator has SEC experience. His primary value is in getting the defense ready. And from all accounts Leonhard is very good at that. Not to mention Wisconsin is a school that has to do more with less, kinda like Arkansas.

I think he coached under aranda while he was at Wisconsin I think so I am afraid he will be new dc at baylor

Aranda left after the 2015 season. Leonhard joined the UW staff in 2016. But in the year between his NFL retirement and joining the staff, he did a lot of film study with Aranda, according to his Wikipedia bio.

Leonard is considered a coach-in-waiting so his next destination will be as a head coach or otherwise short lived as a coordinator. As brief as the average tenures for coaches can be, expect that coordinator tenures, especially good ones, are even shorter. However, Smart & Venables were surprisingly long term at AL & Clemson.

I’d take him in a heartbeat! Wisconsin has been noted as paying less than SEC market for coordinators and assistant coaches. I’ll bet we have more than enough money with the loss of Odom’s salary, to give Leonhard a nice salary increase to be our DC. Would probably even save some money to keep our current assistants that we want to keep.

One of the reasons Bielema came to Arkansas, was you go to the AD in the SEC and ask for something, you’re much more likely to get it than in the Big 10. He told several that.

Seems like Baylor is the program we have to beat to get Leonard.

I assume Purdue

Purdue typically hires more of an offensive minded coach but you never know he is a hot name right now.

Purdue may or may not be interested in someone with no head coaching experience at any level.

This is from the hometown paper. Leonhard is listed but a lot of people with HC experience are too, including Dan Mullen and Kevin Sumlin.

The speculation of him going to NFL has been out there but this appears to make it a stronger possibility.