Something to discuss on a slow month

Who was the best player in MLB history who played college baseball? I have a surprising name in mind but thought other opinions would be fun.

I really suck at MLB trivia, but I’ll at least get the ball rolling…

Reggie Jackson was also an ASU Sun Devil.

So was Barry Bonds but the name I have in mind is way before Mr. October. Good start though.

Maybe we should do an all-college team, pitchers, etc.

Jackie Robinson, UCLA. I just got to use him in another thread here.

That’s a good one too

He was more known as a football player when he was at UCLA.

Dave Winfield played at Minnesota and was drafted by the NFL, NBA, ABA, and MLB.

True. You couldn’t touch him in track, either. I’m pretty sure held the record in the long jump for quite a while and won a championship.

Winfield was certainly a versatile athlete (his college basketball coach was Bill Musselman, father of Eric), and a very good MLB player but not quite up to this level.

Was it someone who played for an HBCU?

The one I’m thinking of? No

This topic never drew much discussion but I saw a reference today to the player who prompted this thread. Any takers?

In 2015 ESPN did a ranking of the 100 best major leaguers of all time. The only two guys who played college baseball who ranked ahead of the player I’m thinking of were both chemically altered – Bonds and Clemens.

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