Something that will put a Big Smile on your face!

This is awesome . . . Calling the Hogs in “The Land of the Rising Sun” . . . … 2NDIyODc3/

That’s pretty awesome. Those kids won’t forget that.

Imagine them going home and doing the Hog Call for their parents. lol

That’s great. Do all those young kids in Japan speak English? The teacher was speaking to them in English. Where was this, anybody know?

Like he said, Teach 'em young!

God Bless him!!! Go Hogs.

Hearing Japanese children call the Hogs…priceless!!!

2019 is the Year of the Pig…too

There is a program where Americans go over to teach English to Japanese schoolkids; my son looked into joining it at one point. They do it by immersion – class is entirely in English and the kids are expected to pick it up