Something Stinks about this AD Hire

Why were Hog fans told this afternoon, by Chancellor Joe Steinmetz’s advisory committee, after they concluded their meeting, that there wasn’t any news today on an AD or HC Coach hire. The Committee departs and two hours later, it’s announced by local news that indeed there has been an AD hire.
This is more of the same stuff Hog Fans have been complaining about for years. You all know the story about growing mushrooms … keep them in the dark and feed them c…p. Was the Committee afraid a Hog Fan was going to spill the beans and the new AD not accept the hire?? Remember you get what you pay for. Is this another Interm Hire?
Here is some history on the new AD
Hired as AD, at Coastal Carolina in 2010 for $195,000 a year, for 5 years
Hired as Houston AD in 2014, for 7 years, at $450,000 a year.
Hired today as the Hogs AD … salary unknown.

I have a bad feeling about this guy.

The board of trustees met, not the advisory committee. The advisory committee had a meeting scheduled today, but it was canceled when it was determined who would be AD.

No one in the board meeting said there would be no news today about either of the positions, just that no actions were taken. In other words, there was no formal vote taken, which is common when contracts are being discussed like this.

The salary is known: $850,000 for five years.

I think it is a great hire.

Agree. I hope he lands Kiffin as the HC.

Sarge, are you Mike Irwin?

He said much the same thing. I think that he is just ticked because he reported something that was untrue and failed to do his due-diligence.

Relax. Great hire. The football hire matters much more anyway.

Marty that’s kind of a low blow. He was told somethings and it’s simple we were taken by Gus and Sexton. 3M dollar raise for Gus to plant those seeds and step out of the way. :slight_smile:

Pretty much like Act 1 at the UofA.

GUS got it started after the LSU loss. HE knew he would be lucky to beat Georgia and the Tide.

Seems pretty textbook to me; took their shot at Gus and when it failed (that is on Gus) they moved quickly to sign up their second choice.

I have seen a many a good employment agreement and this one is first class!

Or maybe it was more like this…

Gus: Hey, Jimmy. Seats a little warm here. See if those hillbillies back in Arkansas might be interested.
Jimmy: Ok Gus. I’ll tug on the heartstrings and tell them you want to come home.
Gus: Sounds like a good plan.


Gus: Hey Jimmy, I know those good ol’ boys back in Springdale said I could come home whenever I wanted and they would break the bank to get me. But I just beat the dog crap out of Georgia. I know you said those ol’ hogs would fire Bret. Do you really think they will?
Jimmy: Oh I know they will. They’ve said as much.
Gus: I bet if I can pull one off against Nicky, we can leverage a big raise out of these idiots here on the plains. But we’ve got to make sure the folks in Springdale believe I’m coming.
Jimmy: Yep Gus, you’re right on. I’ve stuck it to those hillbillies before. I can easily do it again. I’ll tell them you’re hating it here and you’re wife wants to come home too.
Gus: ha ha ha, you’re right Jimmy. Let’s have another go.

After the Bama win

Gus. Hey Jimmy, how much do you think we can get out Aubren before Jacobs bails? And you’ve got the Springdale crew all fired up like I’m coming home, right?
Jimmy: Yep Gus, they are falling all over themselves. They fired Bret yesterday. They said they would break the bank to get you back.
Gus: You tell them I’ll meet them at the airport in Atlanta. Make sure it gets leaked a little bit to everyone around here. I’ll come back and say I’m completely focused on this game.
Jimmy: sounds good (counting his $ in his head).

After the SEC Championship game:
Jimmy: Hell of a win Gus. We’ve really got them by the nutsack now.
Gus: you know it Jimmy. Tell the folks in Springdale I want Jimbo kind of money
Jimmy: Absolutely.
Gus: I told everyone around here that I want to be in Auburn but didn’t come right out and say I was going to be. Now is the big payday.
Jimmy: hell of a good time to be alive.
Gus: Yep (looking in the mirror admiring himself).

Is the “Jimmy” in your playlet Sexton or Dykes? Asking for a friend.

Hog Q you are right about Gus and Sexton. Gus never intended to come to the hogs. What a lot of folks fail to realize there’s a great number of hogs fans in my neck of the woods that can’t stand his disloyal rear end. He put it too us once and it was enough. I hope he enjoys his $$$.

I thought the BOT made a bad mistake when it fired Long. I thought it was compounded when it was clear they had no replacement ready to go, much less in mind. That said, I have no problem with the way things were handled today. I also think we came out just fine with an AD. However, we need a coach in place immediately. We’re getting nowhere with 2017-18 recruits. I’m sure the CBB AC’s still on staff are doing their duty, but there’s no way they can assure a recruit about much of anything other than we’ll still have nice facilities if they come here.

I assume the AD had to be named before the HC coach could continue. Either that or it had to be finalized for the current top prospects to entertain further thoughts of coming. Perhaps a coach would come without knowing the AD, but most likely it’d be a sticking point.

Even if one accepts the proposition that it was worth taking a run at Gus despite the inherent delay, it’s impossible to accept the idea we can wait much longer. I hope the new coach is going to be named tomorrow or Wednesday.

It has nothing to do with Gus. It has everything to do with Mike Irwin, as a member of the media, reporting something as fact that he had not properly vetted. At the time that Mike reported that Gragg would be our new AD, Matt reported here that this site was holding off in reporting that. They could not verify it.

It is one thing for you (or any other board member) to post what you have been told. It is something else for a member of the media to put it out that something has happened when it has not. Mike was ticked off today when the report was that nothing had been voted on at the BOT meeting and then an AD was announced.

Here was his Tweet:

Tremendous hire for AD.

I can’t believe we pulled off such a good hire

Dear Mike Irvin,
Hunter Yurachek is a home rum (Touchdown) hire. How can you say anything bad about him when you know nothing about him as exhibited in your tweets. Get a real job and leave real reporting to the pros.