Something not being mentioned

regarding the SEC race…

everyone keeps reminding us that Florida has clinched the overall SEC Regular Season Championship.

Not technically true.
The have clinched a TIE for the championship and clinched the #1 Tournament seed.

But mathematically, a MSU sweep and a Hog sweep would give us a tie for the conference championship.
I know, they beat us and would have the tie-breaker, but it would nonetheless be a conference co-championship.

Odds of this happening:
I don’t have enough time to type all the digits

I’ve mentioned it several times, including in an article this week and on the message board last night. Regular-season championships can be shared. You better bet Arkansas will claim an SEC championship if it ties Florida.

Sorry Matt, I just now saw your post.
missed it earlier.

I guess part of my point is your don’t hear any of the SEC media mentioning it.

I’m SEC media. :smiley:

Matt you aren’t included in the SEC media that hates my hogs! You actually do a good job! I consider you a hog!