Something needs to happen in the next 48hrs

In regards to asst. coaching hire, fire etc…Each time the playoffs are mentioned our loss just Fester’s in the mind of the fanbase.

It’s a sickening feeling that has made me quick tempered toward anything college football related and I just can’t focus on any optimistic discussion related to Arkansas Football.

Bret said after the game that he was going to take a couple of days to evaluate things. It’s a holiday weekend, so I’d be surprised if anything changes before Monday.

If Bret’s responses are based on festering minds, then we have the wrong person in charge of our program.

Ronda Rousey needs a couple of days to evaluate…The last thing he needs to do is personal retreat from a emotional forest fire of a embarrassed fan base & RECRUITS.

He’s the defacto face of the Razorback Nation we need a calming voice of reason for optimism.

I bet he would be granting access left and right to media if we had won and "Being Beliema would get some season 2 footage.

Not directed at you Matt or Keith …Just 3 weeks of frustration coming to a head.

So, we need a calming force to react based on emotion? Makes no sense. He will make changes. Coaches that have reached his level know–above almost everything else–self preservation.

The absolute worse thing one could do as a leader is make a decision based on raw emotion.

Do something just to make the fans feel good in the next 48 hours? Why? To make the fans feel good?

I would take a couple of days to clear my mind, then evaluate the situation and then let the recruits know ahead of the fans.

I would lose respect for anybody who does something in a manner that is rushed just to appease the voices.

One other thing, each year the post-season PC has been done in the same manner - win or lose.

They were filming BBB at the bowl. Nothing’s changed there

Perhaps it’s just me, but I think the BBB thing needs to be shelved at least for the time being. When you’re getting your a&$ handed to you the way they have been I would think all focus and energy needs to be on cleaning up the mess. Program building - not personal brand building - is in order.

Jackson, do you really believe that has anything to do with the last two losses?

I can see you night not like the perception or for him to not be in the office 24/7 365, but I really doubt that has anything to do with where the program.

Bo and the camera crew just tag along

I certainly think Bret is enamored with building his brand and loves being spotlighted by Finebaum, Dari, etc. if nothing else there is an optics problem - Rome is burning and Nero is jetting off to Chicago to party back stage with Justin Moore. I know that’s not necessarily true, but the show shapes the image of a guy not laser beamed focused on the task at hand. If this show helped recruiting due to exposure that would be great, but I see no evidence of that.

A question for you now - has there been a coach at Arkansas that’s ever been more concerned with personal publicity? Perhaps Lou and he seemed to lose focus when the Tonight Show type attention kicked in.

Well I needed to hear that Dudley…The anti-Beliema regime is on full throttle on Facebook (Family & Friends) Twitter and every Razorback Message board. Those that have been defending him relentlessly are worn down.

I just needed something to grasp onto because their is no next game to focus on to put what just happened in the rear view mirror.

Again thanks for the steady handed comment’s.

Houston Nutt and Bobby Petrino would be a couple - but Twitter wasn’t around so much then so it might not seem like.

I mean, c’mon. Houston is the all-time in that regard.

Rome wasn’t burning until the last couple of games.

He went to Chicago on his vacation. Is he not allowed one of them?

Seems like you are using a lot of hyperbole.

He may not last here, but this seems petty to me

I thought Rome was burning down on the plains when Auburn set an all time SEC rushing record and gave Arkansas their worst Conference loss ever, but that may be just me.

I’m not trying to be petty - I honestly think our coach is undisciplined and not as focused as he needs to be. I think it’s filtered down to the players.

Petty is the right word. It’s sort of like when we lose and people start back in with making fun of him being fat. Everyone wants to pile on.

To me it’s odd. People want Bielema to recruit at a top-of the-SEC level despite being at a mid-level SEC program.

And, they want him to do it against bigger-named coaches and programs with better recruiting bases.

It’s a HC’s sport. Branding and recruiting are vital. Yet, when he does things to try and build his and the program’s “brand” (BBB, #Uncommon) etc., people whine about that, too.

These guys work a ton (and are compensated greatly). This “optics” problem is more like a “we had a bad season so I’m going to complain about literally everything” problem.

Petrino’s reputation was he was laser focused. The truth was he was a good, not great, coach who liked to take part in plenty of extra curricular activities. And, others on his staff did, too.

Really, it just comes down to perceptions and whether people are happy with the product on the field. We aren’t happy, so that turns into “optics” problems.


Concern about twitter accounts seems a bit misplaced IMO. I’m more concerned about why this team seemed so mentally fragile.

If Coach is distracted by BBB or it is a “time suck” then he should never have been a college coach to begin with. By this logic, Coach and Jen did not have time to conceive a child.

I am not one of those who find fault in coach’s demeanor on the sideline. He is a calming force much of the time. I think of the (at) Tennessee game in 2015. We get down quick and CBB is no different than he was 3 hours later as we were closing out the game with our first road win of the CBB era.

There is a methodical side to CBB that too many do not appreciate. Too many like the rah-rah of Houston Nutt or Gus Malzahn, or the petulant tantrums of Bobby Petrino. I saw Coach calmly convince an officiating crew that the wrong call was okay to call (Va Tech, first half). That doesn’t happen if the coach is wild, over-emotional, or out-of-control (or has already been an ass towards the officials). [I mean, really: how does that happen?]

I would expect him to execute his evaluation of what to do next the same way.

It is ludicrous to suggest that the outcome of one game (a bowl game no less) suddenly changes the mood in CBB’s office. The fate of the staff was sealed following Mizzou, right? A reasonably stellar performance (first half in particular) really can’t undo a year’s worth of defensive whiffs. The offensive theme hasn’t shifted much either - stellar scripting by the staff builds momentum (sometimes they can sustain, sometimes the other team makes adjustments that we can’t overcome).

Too many things about this season were determined before week two. OL was going to be a work in progress, at best. Whatever hope the defense had was crippled (pun intended) by two year-ending injuries to Tutt and Richardson and some painful whiffs late in the 2016 recruiting process. Greenlaw’s mid-year injury sealed the deal, but the way to beat UA was on tape by then anyway. The lack of length and speed on defense, the lack of interior push, the lack of a speed rush…those things have to be found or fixed in spring drills or on the recruiting trail. There is nothing that suggests CBB and Co didn’t know that a rough year was in front of us by the time Bama left town.

What had to surprise, though, was the odd failure of some players to step forward and lead, and for others to seize opportunities placed in front of them. I have seen this many times (with HS teams): senior-heavy teams have players feel they are handed their shot vs. earning them; players behind the seniors feel they deserve a shot (that isn’t necessarily awarded); factions appear easily, and chemistry goes funky because of all of this.

I still maintain that the staff drew a line in the sand and said this is the year they don’t rush as many true frosh onto the field, to really commit to the redshirt program. There seems to be a host of redshirts who could have helped this year but they wanted to hold off if at all possible. The rewards for that won’t be felt soon, maybe not even in 2017 or 2018. I’m okay with that…if that is what really happened. I’m only able to look at lists of names, onfield performances, sprinkle in a few comments from coaches, and make a (hopefully) intelligent guess.

BBB is a help in recruiting, how much we don’t know. But it certainly doesn’t hurt. Remember how many of us scratched our heads and said, Coach Bee-Who? when CBB was hired. The recruits are the same way. Besides the perception of the state of Arkansas in many people’s minds (a bunch of hillbillies with no shoes and no teeth who marry their cousins, etc., etc.), they need to know who he is and–in the process–perhaps see that Arkansas has facilities and Fayetteville isn’t such a bad place to be. Again, don’t know that it helps, but I really doubt it hurts recruiting.

Exactly. And, yet the people who whine the most about recruiting are the people who whine about the show. It’s odd.

Agreed. Being Bret Bielema and who is allowed to follow BB on Twitter has to be the near the bottom on the list of concerns at this point.