Something interesting re: freshmen

And maybe this should be on the recruiting board too but anyway…

CBS Sports had a story on the top 10 freshmen players in the country. Moses Moody was #7 on their list and they noted that he was 45th on the 247 composite rankings for the 2020 class.

So once on campus MM went from 45th to 7th. It would be interesting to look at which players went in the other direction (they actually have Evan Mobley of USC as the #1 freshman, not Cade Cunningham).

Here’s the 247 top 10 from last year:

  1. Cunningham (#2 as noted above)
  2. Jalen Green (G League)
  3. Mobley (#1 as noted above)
  4. Jonathan Kuminga (G League)
  5. Brandon Boston, Kentucky (not in the top 10)
  6. Ziaire Williams, Stanford (ditto)
  7. Scottie Barnes, Florida State (ditto)
  8. Terrance Clarke, Kentucky (injured)
  9. Greg Brown, Texass (not in top 10)
  10. Moussa Cisse, Tiger High (ditto)

The rest of the CBS Top 10:
3. Jalen Suggs, Gonzaga (11th)
4. Sharife Cooper, Auburn (24th)
5. Hunter Dickinson, Michigan (43rd)
6. Cam Thomas, SAO (25th).
8.Jalen Wilson, Kansas (redshirt; #53 in 2019)
9. Jaden Springer, EOE (16th)
10. Mike Miles, TCU (274th; he was a 3-star)

Meanwhile, Kentucky’s entire 2020 class (six players) was in the 247 Top 70. And they still suck. Clarke is hurt, Cam’Ron Fletcher is in the deep dark recesses of the Calipari doghouse and may never return, and the other four are losing.

This should be used on the croton trail against Greaseball Ball Cal!

Like iJoe last year, MM has no major inside presence on the team to help him. Even a frosh iJoe looked better with Gafford on the team. But, MM is more of the full compliment as a frosh. He’s special. Our first one and done?

I’d be very surprised if he isn’t.

Very pleased Moody made the right business decision. Proof positive kids (from Ark) don’t have to go to Cal & KY to make the leap to the NBA after 1 year.
In fact Muss & AR could be named Stock Risers.

Moses might be the first to make the business decision to stay in Arkansas and still be a lottery pick. I guarantee he will not be the last. Go Hogs!

Jeremy, I certainly remember the last “business decision “. I do think that Moses has a better resume and he will be playing long after the original MBA has been downsized

Speaking of special talents, J Smith has some Corliss in him. I see why Muss thinks he is a special player.

Cam’Ron Fletcher and Moody played together on Bradley Beal.

Didn’t see him as major impact guy in college as a freshman.

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