Something interesting Jimmy Dykes said

JD was on Ruscin and Zach’s radio show Thursday. He talked about calling games from home and said two things that surprised me.

One is that he’s calling games off a Zoom feed, which is not very good quality (Zoom never is, for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure). So he’s not getting the good video we see, and it may contribute to the talking heads missing some things.

The other thing he said about calling games is that he sees those images about 30 seconds before we see them. I knew there was a delay, but I had no idea it was as much as 30 seconds.

Here’s the whole interview. Among other things, he talks about ticking off fans (if fans of both teams are mad at him after the game he figures he’s doing his job, but he doesn’t really care).

Good stuff. My only real contention with JD over the years has been his adoration of Calipari. When he said “he just works harder than everyone else” it made me want to barf and I think it was an insult to those coaches who do work hard (without a bagman).


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