Something I think important

To remember in coming years:

The MO with Coach Muss is he figures it out. It may be common for us to struggle a bit early each season, as we have both the last two years. Sometimes early on we may just look plain ugly.

But rest assured this guy will NEVER just sit back and “let it be”. He is absolutely ELITE.


Great callout.

I try to think about that. I start really positive and then I start falling off the wagon. next thing you know, BAM, we are 9 games deep into a win streak and just whupped the #1 team in the nation and I am no longer losing my mind.


And he will have to do the same thing next season with a very, very talented young team that physically/skill wise will look a lot different than this year’s bunch.


I am no basketball expert. With that said, I remember hearing how NBA scouts expressed how knowledgable our players are when they get interviewed the last two years, especially Moses. I think CM runs a very complex NBA style strategy. I think it takes the players a while to figure out their roles and get everyone on the same page, especially new players/transfers. I think that has a lot to do with the second half season success we tend to have each year under Coach Muss.

So, don’t be surprised if next year we go through a similar pattern with all of the new recruits coming.


The flip side of that, his players figure him out. He insists he has stressed the same defensive fundamentals in every practice. He said it finally sinks in. Of course if it does not sink in, you won’t play.


I chuckled when he talked about the hand in the face. Said it took them a while to figure out how to do that.

The bottom line, you nailed it.

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