Something I learned about Joe Foucha

was he didn’t play football until his sophomore year. He was basketball guy until Coach Reese talked him into playing football.

He was a very good PG, but Reese asked him how many 6-0 PGs are in the league and that got him to thinking.

That needs to be said to justice hill too.

Regardless of how good you are, the odds are against you if you are a pg shorter than 6’2.

Bite your tongue! We finally got a real point guard coming to play basketball for the Hogs and you want to talk him into switching to football!?!?!?!?


I’m always football first!! I just think if he wants to play professionally, it’s easy to see football is the most logical route. I want him to play both, and at a high level!

5’11 guys who run a 4.5 40 are also a dime a dozen, and I don’t think it’s possible to play 2 D1 sports at a high level unless you are a freakazoid like Deion Sanders or Bo Jackson (99th percentile type athleticism).

Pretty sure he will just do Basketball and I’m sure that’s what Fitz will advise.

I disagree. As the offers begin to roll in, as they are, I think he will consider playing both.

I think he ends up playing both in the long run. (Maybe I’ll get my hopes up, maybe not). It would help the basketball team in the long run by freeing up a scholarship, as football would take priority and have him on scholarship, I do believe.

The most minor of CFB bowl games have bigger ratings than any CBB outside of a few NCAA tourney games.

CFB is king and it’s not even close.

You’re right that it would free up a BB scholarship. However, the BB program doesn’t need a part-time PG, and I really don’t think the FB program would REALLY (Coach Morris will play lip service to it, but ultimately I don’t think he would want it) want a player that spent his off-seasons on the BB team.

We shall see, but if I were placing a wager I do not see him playing both sports. Ronald Curry did it at UNC 20 or so years ago and was just good enough to play both, but never reached an “elite” level due to the fact of the differences in the preparation and off-season skill development required for each sport.

Football and Track are the only 2 that “fit” IMO.

What about Connor Noland?

It’s not all that uncommon. Now being the next bo Jackson obviously is.

Bruce Ellington is a recent one that comes to mind. Played football and basketball ar South Carolina. Currently playing for the Texans. Very similar skill set to Justice ironically.

Another is Jamies Winston, who played baseball for the seminoles as well.

What makes you think that Coach Morris is lying when he says he welcomes and actually prefers multi-sport athletes? He has said it multiple times and supported with the reasons why. I am wondering why you have concluded a lack of honesty?

I’m not NavyHog and he can certainly speak for himself, but when I hear CCM say that, I take it to mean in high school, not necessarily in college. He may not mind it in college, either, but I think he’s speaking against the recent trend of specializing in one sport and playing it year-round.

How are you always football first when Arkansas is a basketball school!

I do not think he is lying nor have I accused him of lying. I believe him when he says he supports multi-sport athletes.

“I want players that play multiple sports,” Morris said. “I feel like that does a couple things. Number one is it develops an overall, well-rounded skill set. And two, it shows me that this young man can be coached in different ways. Every coach that he deals with in a different sport coaches him a little bit different. If I have players that are dead equal and one plays one sport or the others plays two sports, I’m going to go after the two-sport first.”

I think it’s safe to assume though that he would prefer that once on campus the multi-sport HS athlete commits to only one sport in college. My point is although he publically supports Connor Noland ability to play both sports in college, I’m sure in private he would prefer he stick to football. All things being equal the player committed to FB will win the job over the part-time QB.