Something I just noticed about CBS's schedule of SEC Basketball games this year

  1. We (Arkansas) are not on it - at all

  2. EVERY one of the CBS games features Florida or Kentucky (or both)

So much for “diversity”. They ought to rename it the Kentucky-Florida “game of the week” instead of the “SEC on CBS”.

Not that big a deal, as if I can get our games on TV I really don’t care what channel it’s on. ESPN, SEC Network - they all look great on my TV. But it used to be that CBS rotated around most of the League with their weekly SEC game. I just hadn’t noticed the change until I looked at our schedule a few minutes ago and noticed there were no CBS games at all. … n-schedule

If I’m not mistaken, and I could be, I believe the schedule is flexible. Let’s say KY and AR go undefeated from now until going into their contest towards the end of the season. Both would have only two losses, would probably both be highly ranked (Definitely Top 10, maybe both Top 5). Bet that would gave AR a CBS game. I know football does that for those situations, I’m sure they would do it for basketball as well.

The basketball schedule is set in stone. There are no flex games.

I’m with you on this.

That is what I thought and I have always wondered why. In football (which affects a lot more fans coming to games) they wait until 2 weeks out to set the games on TV. Yet they do not do that in basketball. Is there a logical reason why?

Because there is not as much interest in basketball.

Did not know that. Hmmm…

A counter argument that would be that interest will increase if most watchable games are selected.

Rename the telecast the Coach “Greaseball” Cal game of the week just like the SEC network announcers whom pump sunshine up for him every game they do even in games that don’t have Kentucky playing. There’s an article today on the SEC Country where they talked to Greaseball about Trae Young. From the refs to the announcers to the SEC Commissioner they all suck up to the moron!

And exactly who is responsible for the LACK OF PROMO status for the UA SPORTS/BASKETBALL? THAT seems to be where the neglect is.