Something I find odd

in talking to a parent of a volleyball recruit, I was told college coaches couldn’t contact the person’s daughter until June 15 after their sophomore year for phone calls and texts/emails. That’s not unusual, but that’s when verbal offers can be made.

I know women’s VB and men’s football and basketball are totally different animals but why no verbal offers in VB but you can make verbal offers at anytime in the men’s sports.

I think the deal was coaches were making verbal offers in softball and volleyball to 7th and 8th graders, and I mean a bunch of them, not the Lane Kiffin type.

Maybe so, but you have some of that in football. Not the same volume I know, but would like to see recruiting slow down a bit. Maybe no verbal offers until the 10th or even the 11th grade.

Maybe it would slow down some of the parents. I get stuff from parents trying to promote their 6th and 7th graders. That’s a bit much.

i agree Richard, in fact 6th and 7th graders should not IMO be playing contact sports.

Some, but not to the degree that happened in softball and volleyball. I’m pretty sure the coaches wanted this, just like the football coaches could change their offer dates, if they wanted to.

In women’s basketball offers can be made pretty early. My 15 year old grand niece has 5 D1 offers at this point.

However she has to call/text/email coaches most of the time.

Don’t think there’s any limitations on verbals in women’s hoops. Will double check.