Something has to change

Mike is a good coach, surely he’s realizing his style isn’t cutting it.

Now defense and horrible free throw shooting team… always a recipe for disaster. He’s going to have to make some philosophy adjustments, this team is just bad right now and the defense, maybe the worst I’ve ever seen.

Really disappointing, we thought we were much better than we actually are.

Hopefully mike gets this fixed, but bad defense and free throws aren’t fixed mid season.

As long as Mike Anderson’s to coach it will not change because we are going to double-team every person with the ball and leave everybody else wide open and on offense we have no clue how to run a half-court offense it’s embarrassing. Will be amazed at this team can get to the tournament

It embarrasses me ever game when the announcers talk about how flat footed we are on offense, 4 guys watching 1 dribble.

I agree, definitely need some type of half court offense.

Mike better figure out how to adapt or bend his style, or we know it can cost a job.

Hire a coach to teach your team how to play fundamental basketball


It’s apparent that it’s time for my annual surrender to “Oh, well … there’s always next year.”

Yurachek my tell mike next year is make or break, and I wouldn’t blame him.

I really like Mike and think he can get us the players we need to win, his style though is just to hit or miss, it’s dated.
He needs to adapt

This team has got to find its heart! No fire our energy. Over rated they don’t deserve to win another game! It’s not the coach. He hasn’t guarded anyone one nor have any of the players. Gutless performance tonight.

Can’t agree with it’s not the coach, yes it is the coach, he recruited everyone of these players and coaches them everyday. If we can’t hold the coach responsible who do we lay this on. Once again you play exactly as you practice, practice has to change now ! WPS

yes its the coach,its his system and his players and yes there will be games when teams allow us to run(only way this team has a remote shot to win) where we can look great but any team with good half court game will school this team because all we do is chase the ball and leave people wide open its embarrasing…nobody plays like this!!half court offense has no penetration and really only about 2-3 shooters,no inside post game and the rest are just athletes trying to play basketball who couldn’t shoot if their life depended on it…

Trends. Since Anderson has been here. We foul more than our opponent. Our 3 point defense is horrible. We are usually out rebounded. We usually create more turnovers. My question, in an effort to create turnovers do we sacrifice by fouling more, not being able to defend the 3 effectively, out of position for rebounds? If we aren’t getting steals our defense is horrible.

This is a repeat of last year when everyone got so upset with CMA that he finally gave in and went to more zone. We are leaving so many players open against good passing teams since we double-team the ball handler and that is compounded by bad rebounding. CJ Jones is the pivotal player for us right now because he is so bad he cant sub for our 3 starting guards. All 3 starting guards are fatigued.

A lot of the problems are from double-teaming the ball handler which leaves us in reacting to the open person who we also foul. The rebounding is another broken record. We don’t have anyone to rebound because we let our bigs get on the perimeter on switches too much.

Remember that time in Portland… when the Hogs hit free throws… played tenacious D… passed the ball around the key… played with some passion…? Yeah me too.

We were fresh early in the season. The last 2+ weeks of Beard, Macon and Barford playing too much is the result of CJ jones not playing enough.

Fatigue has taken over since CJ Jones is in a funk so he cant sub for our 3 starting guards. All 3 starting guards are fatigued. I like CJ and hope he can pull it together today.