Something Funny at the KY Derby Yesterday

I almost lost my bourbon yesterday when a long time friend turned to me after A foul was called against Max Security changing the race results - he said:

“We now know there were South East Conference Football Referees moonlighting at the Kentucky Derby This Saturday”

Too funny

Actually no way a SE Conf referee would go against the higher ranked horse they protect them

But I do agree they influence the event / game often

I got a sideways look from first base ump at Vandy when I told him to go help his mate behind home because the only job home ump bad calls qualified him for were the NFC championship game.

I get the impression SEC refs are only respected at Florida

Even Bama doesn’t trust them and they call in favor of Bama on reflex

Here is the video, you make the call.

I would’ve let stand. If War of Will finished a strong second or third I might overturn. Country House was not impacted here.

I’ve seen worse not overturned. MS was hands down the best.

I agree there is no doubt which was the fastest horse, however, in the Olympic 100 meter dash if a runner gets out of his lane and makes contact he is disqualified. Rules are rules.

Happens all the time in horse racing. I’ve seen infractions that didn’t cause a DQ and some that did. That’s where common sense comes in and a decision is made on the true impact of the race and whether the outcome would’ve been different.

Interesting stuff here. Split opinions. … ification/

That surely covers everything. I personally care nothing for horse racing so I have no true interest one way or the other. But that article covers all bases.

IMO, there was only one unknown about which horse was the best after the race finished. It was only between War of Will and Maximum Security. War of Will had been running step for step with MS until the final turn when his jockey had to abruptly pull him up and to the right. No horse could return to full form after his momentum has been halted like that.

I’m not completely un-biased since I had a $5 exacta wheel with War of Will on top. I also had a nice big exacta box using War of Will, Maximum Security, and Improbable so I was feeling really good going into the last turn.

applicable lots of ways and lots of times

Best horse did not win. Sloppy track, war of wills would not have won. Disappointed in motts comments while they were deciding. A shame. A field of that many horses there is lots of that throughout the race. Limit the number of entries and some of this can be eliminated.

Happens all the time in the WWE, er I mean the NFL too :sunglasses:

I can remember when I was younger horse racing was plagued with doping and all invoved were suspected. It see a common thread in horse racing and pro wrestling. Does anyone know what actually killed all those horses in California?

I read somewhere yesterday that Country House jockey stated he did not believe Luis Saez (MS jockey) intentionally made the move with his horse that resulted in the DQ. He either said or implied that the horse just crossed into their lanes. I have not seen anything else or other commentary supporting that observation. Also, it seems unlikely to me the jockey would not have initiated his horse’s movement on the track. Just wondering if anyone else saw the referenced comment and thoughts about it.

Supposedly the track was hard on the horses and they broke down because of it. They shutdown and worked on the track.

Intention doesn’t matter. If the horse makes a right turn completely on its own and impedes other horses, the rule is that he gets DQ’d. That move would get DQ’d in a $5,000 claiming race, it should get DQ’d in the Derby. Surprised that they had the cojones to make the right call though (I have no interest in the Derby and don’t care who won, but I do have an interest in that sports rules are enforced equally). Not to mention, they are very lucky that there wasn’t a giant pileup of horses. War of Will’s front hoof was literally between Maximum Security’s hind legs when Maximum Security veered over; the jockey on War of Will did a helluva job to keep his horse upright. You can say that Country House wasn’t going to beat MS anyway, and you might be correct, but it doesn’t matter. MS fouled two other horses and gets DQ’d, and the second place horse gets moved up to first. That’s Country House.
The idea that officiating shouldn’t decide a contest in any sport is garbage. By “not deciding”, they DO decide it. If you decide not to call any fouls in the last 30 seconds of a tied basketball game, you give the defense license to beat the heck out of the shooter. If it’s a foul in the first minute, it’s a foul in overtime. Bruce Pearl got it right at the Final Four when a late foul call led to Auburn’s loss to Virginia. If it’s a foul, call it.


Thanks, never saw the reason before. Strange.

Here in the Bluegrass there is a sense of relief that there wasn’t a huge disaster on the track in the turn into the final stretch.

The Derby is a huge deal here and that would of been worse than the DQ . Everyone had a sigh of relief there wasnt an accident creating a tragedy to a otherwise celebration of all things Old Commonwealth.

Yet with the decision - legal - correct or not - there is a sense sense in the Bluegrass and the Old Horse community that this Derby has been marred and the wrong horse won - much like Arkansas vs Florida in 2009

Makes me think Marc Curles was moonlighting as a steward at the KY Derby