Something FUN on a very slow Football day (You'll love it!)

Yeah…I know we’ve all seen this before. But it’s been a while (for me) and I enjoyed it all over again.


I do love it.

Being in the SEC for 25 or so years has dulled my hatred for Texas. I suppose I will learn to re-detest that ugly brown-orange. It probably won’t take long to get up to speed if I go back and watch the '69 game.

The little guy is just funny. He should be in a sitcom on TV.

May quickly learn to dislike ut again after they join the SEC. Win or lose ut fans, via their deep pockets, believe they are entitled.

The Horn boards have actually admitted their SEC reality check can’t be cashed for the foreseeable future… but we all understand humble doesn’t wear well in Austin.

Living in Austin I can confirm. There is already doubt among the faithful that Sark is going to be their guy…

Texas fans = arrogance.

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IMO - hiring Sark confirms no proven coach would touch Texass with a 10’ pole….

Time is ticking for Sark with players apparently unmotivated & unfocused under his leadership. They may recruit the talent but usually squandered on game day. ut alums may need to settle for memories of their past glory days.

At some point Texass is going to hire a coach with a clue and get back to something resembling past glories. But it ain’t Sark.

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