Something fun coming

I’ve created something fun that will be coming in the next few days. I have written a script for Phil Elson to create a broadcast of a fictional game between the '79 Arkansas baseball team against the '18 Arkansas baseball team, the two national runners-up teams in school history. We will soon have a national champion.

There will be interviews of coaches and players. I’ll write an advance and a game story afterwards. Phil has agreed to do it. I spent a lot of time researching this last week, including time with players and Norm DeBriyn to make sure I got some of the nuances of the '79 team correct.

I think one of the fun moments is when Norm DeBriyn and Dave Van Horn meet at home plate to hand their lineup cards to crew cheif Perry Costello.

I did the lineups as best I could to the way both teams played in the College World Series. The umpire behind home plate is Costello.

When I finally sat down and wrote the script, I put in as much detail as possible. The finished product was given to Phil and it’s ready to be done, ala Jim Elder from the early 70s when he was re-creating Arkansas Traveler road games. I was a part of that team at the old Rose City studio where Jim would do the road broadcasts.

I know the result of the game, but I won’t say because Phil may put his twist on it at the end.

Sounds like a lotta fun Clay.
Thanks for letting curiosity kill the cat here also.

That sounds like a lot of fun. Good idea, Clay!

:boar: :baseball: :trophy:

Awesome :+1: looking forward to it!

That is cool

Thank you Clay! Can’t wait. And having Perry Costello as plate Ump cracks me up.

Which team is Perry going to hose?

Fun idea. I’m pulling for the Hogs to win.

Which is why I’m wondering which team Costello will hose

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I think he’s pretty consistently poor.

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I’m betting we’ll see a lot of called balks & batter interference.

Can’t wait for that. Hopefully the '18 team wins after the horrible way they lost… but I think that '79 team was the better one of the two.


(that was toooo easy!)