Something else to discuss while waiting for kickoff

Haven’t seen this brought up here. The logo variation UA has used in tweets and elsewhere (just saw it in the construction cam shot of the NEZ; it was on the Pigscreen in the 7:16 p.m. shot). Seen in this tweet on the top left:

I’m talking about the Hog in between portions of the west and east borders of the Arkansas map. At first I didn’t like it much, but it’s growing on me, and I think it’s intended to emphasize that the Hogs are the state’s team, no matter how much the Pink Puppies whine.

Your thoughts?

I like it. Goes right along with chads 1 Arkansas campaign, which I also like.

I like it. You can still easily recognize that it is a hog in profile.

One reason that I despise the front facing hog, is that it is so hard to tell what it is from a distance. That’s not so with the hog-in-state.

I prefer the side view, running hog for lots of reasons. One is that ASU has copied our old front facing hog logo & made theirs nearly indistiguishable from ours. What’s more galling is that we’ve used the old front facing hog so little that some of the ASU die-hards think we copied their look.

BTW, apparently they have a “wolf call” that’s supposed to sound something like the hog call. I can’t say I’ve ever heard it, but I know it was something they tried right after their name change. They also have a hook’em horns sign that’s supposed to be something about a redwolf. They’d used that for a year before I realized they had adopted it for themselves. I thought their fans were just giving a hook’em sign for some reason.