someone tell me what we will pay Chavis

I cannot fathom 1.6M much less a raise. Be careful because he left a really bad impression on his LSU exit and quest for more and more money. Resigned is how I feel having too many memories of bad Chavis from lots of contacts who were well connected in the glory days of Fulmer and Chavis.

I think it will be in the normal range of what defensive coordinators have been paid here. A&M will pay the difference between that and the $1.6. That’s what I THINK is going to happen.

Normal range for Arkansas tells me that we need set normal Arkansas range expectations for program that hasn’t had much success in roughly last 25 years of going cheap compared to the bigs we want to become.

While certainly smart in this case if decision is Chavis to defray our costs by what A and M would pay, our propensity to go the cheap option is an Achilles heal at Arkansas in my view.

Personally, older guys like me and others know the Chavis name but is it the same appeal as it was years ago?

And for our situation? Is he some Uber general from afar who benefits from elite talent or does he get things done recruiting?

I hope we don’t find out Venables would have come for 1.9 but we went with older guy being put out to pasture by elites because he’s a cheaper name at the moment.

My HOPE is if it is Chavis, he will surround himself with a bunch of Hungry, Hard Recruiting Defensive assistants…

Me too